Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Pisa, Italy

Good Morning!!!

The next stop on our European trip was to finally leave Spain and head to Italy!!!! First stop - Piza!!!!

We took Ryan Air from Gerona, Spain to Piza, Italy and it was terrible. Quite possibly the worst airline we used the whole trip. But who can say no to $11 flights to Italy {sigh}. First off they wouldn't let us bring our sleeping bags so we had to ditch them in the airport!!! Then once we waited an hour in the lineup, they told us we had to get our passport stamped at another place in the checkin area!!!! Then we didn't know we had to wait in line to board because it was first come first serve seating! Weird!!!!

We got to Piza early in the morning and took a taxi to our hotel. We picked it for it's location and the fact that TripAdvisor had great reviews for it! The hotel was an old Monastery that had been converted into a hotel. The grounds were spectacularity well kept and the inside of the hotel...looked like an insane asylum. LOL It was a square box and everything was white. I mean EVERYTHING. Walls, drapes, bedding, tiles in the bathroom, flooring....EVERYTHING!!! The window was a tiny box with bars on it! ha! It was unsettling...

Of course the first thing we did is start a HUGE walk to go see if we could stumble apon the tower. There were tonnes of cute little Ma & Pop restaurants and the Italian people were so nice. Not very many people spoke English...but everyone was willing to try! We were just walking around enjoying the hot beautiful day when we turned the corner and all of a sudden you could see it!!!!

I got so excited I started jumping around like a kid!!!!

The tower looked like a postcard even when you got right up close. It was the most unbelievable sight.

 I would say even after seeing all the monuments I saw...the Leaning Tower is still the most stunning!!!!

There was a HUGE market around the tower so we got to do a little of our favorite kinda shopping!!! I bought some sweet mirrored aviators and a cute leather purse that I have used everyday since I bought it!!!

We had our first lovely meal at a beautiful outdoor cafe in their courtyard! It was so romantic and calming! Then we found a grocery market and bought some fresh pasta and Italian pasta seasoning to take home! :)

Another highlight for me as an artist was seeing Keith Haring's Tutto Mondo mural!!!! I studied it in High School and it was really neat to see it up close! It's HUGE!!!

So, that's Piza in a nuttshell. We had 2 full days and then we were off to our next adventure....VENICE!!!!



***On a side note: I just got this super cute photo from my brother of my nephew wearing the jacket I bought him while in finally fits!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snail Mail Rocks!!!!

I love mail.
I love getting any typw of mail - even bills.
To me, a letter is so much more personal. It's like when someone calls you instead of texts.
It's lovey, and it makes me feel loved.

As a kid I had a HUGE amount of penpals. I was lucky enough to travel with my family alot and I would meet kids from all over the world. I still talk to some of them via facebook (Hi Michelle!!!! *we met on a Mexican Cruise when I was in Grade 9). My Grandma and I always used to write letters back and forth and I would wait and wait for them to come in the mail.

Letters are a lost art.
I used to send alot of homemade cards to friends and family, but now that they sell so fast it is hard to get them sent out before they are gone!

Well, the opportunity to start the penpal love arose when I saw a post on Allisons blog, Crafted Love. As I mentioned in my first penpal post, I mailed a lovely headband to a girl named Nadine in England.

Well, yesterday I got a letter from Alison herself!!!! Isn't that sweet!!!
Today I am going to send her something lovely. So lovely that you'll are gonna be so jealous!!!! heehee

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lauren's Idea...

Lauren over at Busy Bee is asking one very amazeballs question to us all...

If your love story was made into a movie, who would you want to play you and your sugnificant other?

This is hard...

I am like Lauren and have no idea who would play me...ideas anyone?

But My Paddy would be played by Jerry Sienfield (with bleech blonde hair) LOL

Of course Jerry is going to have to get a few tattoos, buy some crazy colored runners and about 150 hats...but it could work. LOL

Can anyone think of anyone else we could be played by?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear Dancing:
Oooohhh how I have missed you...but do you really have to make my muscules this sore???

Dear Ex- Husbands New Wife:
Please stop sending me hateful messages. I don't know you, nor have I lived near you for years, nor do I care about your relationship and if my Mom sends my Ex Christmas Cards.
Get over it....your about 5 years to late on this, and it's weird.

Dear Jumbo Sunflowers:
I think you are so cool!!!!!
Now if you would only actually get the flower that would be nice. (Although I wont be able to see them since your already 6 feet tall!)

Dear Bestie:
I wish you were here to laugh about Ex- Husbands new wife and make me feel better.
I miss you.
I love you.

Dear Saturday Market:
Only 2 more Saturdays and I am done for the winter.
Will you miss me?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Faves ~ Velvet Tangerine

Good Day to All!!!

Today I am giving you a sneak peek into one of my FAVORITE blogs!!! Have you ever been over to visit Molly at Velvet Tangerine??? She is absolutely awesome! She writes about really neat and unique things and she sends me the sweetest comments!!!!


She finds and takes the colest phots as well and I just love reading her blog over all!!!

velvet tangerine
Check out her blog and her shop with stunning handmade creations today!!!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Card Day

It's Sunday Funday!!!

Good Morning all...
How was your Saturday? What did you get up to?
I was at the market as per usual yesterday morning, and My Paddy was holding down fort at the homestead running a massive garage sale! All our neighbors got together and we had a huge sale and sold all our junk!!! It went really well and we made over $200.00!!!! YAY!!!
The best part was when the sale was over and since the rain was starting we crammed all the leftovers in our garage and went and used our neighbor that is away on holidays covered front porch. Of course the garage sale combined with beer made our day run into dinnertime and before long the Chinese delivery guy was rocking up at the porch! ha!

Today I have a card to share...and it is pretty yummy!!!

I started with a plain white cardstock for the base and wrapped a piece of my favorite polka dot ribbon in green around the whole card. I punched out a white and blue polka dot circle and bordered it with bright blue cardstck cut with my scallop scissors. I added to cupcake stickers I had and a little "Cupcakes!" sentiment in the top corner. Super cute!

That's all for today. It is pouring rain here and I have lots of dance stuff to do since we start back TOMORROW!!!! I can't even believe it! I'm pretty excited {in case you couldn't tell}


This card is for the following challenges:
~ Craft Your Days Away - Cupcakes
~ Delightful Inspiration - Anything Goes
~ One Stop Craft Challenge - Bold & Bright
~ Crafty Ann's - Scallops
~ The Poodles Parlour - Anything Goes
~ The Stamp Man Challenges - Anything Goes

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Lot at The Shop

Hey Peeps. Sup?

I have so many new and wonderful items in the 2MESSY shop and I just have to show you!!!! ;) My paddy and I have been so busy and we have made some really exciting furniture lately!

Upcycled Pink & Green Filligre Footrest/Stool
Upcycled Octopus Lay Back Beach Chair
Upcycled Metal Lime Green Square Bench - SOLD SOLD SOLD
Upcycled Surf Board Bench
Upcycled Wood Chair from Denmark
Upcycled Retro  80's Stool/Footrest

We have also been doing alot of fresh new art! Funny pieces and some cool abstracts!!!

White Flower on Magenta
Colorful Bird Painting
Wakey Wakey Eggs N' Bakey Painting
I Heart Moustaches Painting

Stop by our shop and take a look! Lotsof new Bitchy Bags and Upcycled Items!!! :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Valencia, Spain

Good Morning!

Today's travel post is about two places...Valencia & Gerona, Spain!!!! We didn't spend too long in either place so I thought I would roll them into one! :)

We took our very first European train ride from Barcelona to Valencia. It was an amazing coastal trip and the scenery was stunning. I absolutely love travelling on trains, you can see so much of the countryside and people in their normal environments and it is so cool.
The buildings in the old town really hit me. It was like it finally all sunk it that we were in Europe seeing amazing architecture that I could never see at home in Canada.

Valencia is the place where I discovered my love for Amstel. I sometimes have a hard time finding new things to like when away because I am such a box and I rarely change things up when I am home. So, not having Kokanee beer for 2 whole months was a serious problem. But...don't fret - I found Amstel AND Grolsh! :)

We spent one full day at the beach in Vallencia. It was like a full out beach day where we had to pack our beach bags, take the bus there and spend the day on the beach!!! I have to wear water wings because I can't swim and my Paddy gets worried about me in the big waves. But he got me these cool shark fin one's to wear!!! :) LOL

{this photo is funny because there are some models in the background doing a photo shoot and they are all hot and steamy LOL}

Gerona was our gateway to get out. LOL It was the only way we could find to get out of Spain and get to Italy. We had spent a lot of time in Spain and wanted to move out to the next country...but we either couldn't get flights, or trains or hotels to all link up!!! I was so frustrated!!!!

But we finally did get out of Spain and we were off to PIZA!!!!!

Thanks for peekin' today!


Monday, August 15, 2011


Over on the blog Lemon and Raspberry they have a giveaway going to win a spot in their 30 days of lists for September! I am super excited!!!
Here is my list of what I'm gonna do this week...

~ drive my friend Jamie to the doctors for her post surgery check up
~ do touch ups on some furniture that got wrecked by the wind on Saturday at the market
~ paint a large fairy painting to sell.
~ baby my baby because he sprained his ankle bad.
~ spend one day at dance sorting out music with Joy.
~ play with Chuck Norris in the backyard.
~ get sorted for our Garage Sale on Saturday
~ sell sell sell at our Garage Sale

That's it - but I will keep you posted if anything extra and good happens!!! :)


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Dear Saturday Market:
Why were you so dead yesterday?

Dear Mother Nature:
Why were you so windy yesterday that 2 of my displays blew over and wrecked cards and paintings? :( Not nice.

Dear My Paddy:
Why do you always have to be away...even on weekends?

Dear Dance:
Please please please be more organized next year {sigh}


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Card Day

Good Morning!
The dog woke me up early and now I am sitting on the couch watching the Weather anaetwork at 6:30 am. Hmph.
I have so much stuff to do today so it will be a good start this early.

Here is card for you all today:

For this card I started with pale lavander cardstock as the background. I used one of those cute mini cards I always talk about. I mounted it on white cardstock to make it pop and used some purple flower stickers I had in my stash. I added a few deep purple jewels and a scrap of this lovely purple silk ribbon to finish it off.

This card is for the following challenges:

Thanks for stopping by peeps!

PS: My Paddy gets home from work tonight - YAY - it's been a long time :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Etsy Love - Flowers

Today is shopping day! I have gotten tonnes of custom orders this week and I sold some Etsy stuff too! :)

Here is whats on my wishlist. I can only buy one item so please leave me a comment with your suggestion on which one I should pick! LOL

ON SALE NEW 3 to 6 m soft Organic Cotton Flapper Trendy Baby Hat Mustard and Plum gorgeous Photo Prop Citefuzz

Floral Painting 16x20" with FREE mat, phlox purple Flowers, gold shimmer, deep teal

Green Flower/Polka Dot Garland

Large Lucky Owl Decorative Pillow -  blue flowers - Ready to ship

Vintage white pearl pearlized plastic big rose flower ring on brass adjustable ring band

Vintage Flower  Brooch Turquoise Blue Curled Petal Layered Floral Brooch ((Free Shipping USA))

vintage 60s Bright Flower Power Childs Canvas Suitcase

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pen Pals

A while ago I saw a post over on Allisons blog, Crafted Love and thought it was a fabulous idea!!!
I wanted a penpal too!!!! So, of course I signed myself up!!!

A couple weeks later she sent me an email with my PenPal's name and where to send my first letter.

I mailed my parcel last weke. {Yes, I said parcel}.
I can't help it. I love sending and getting mail. I used to send millions of home made cards a year, but now that I sell them it's hard to make enough.

I sent her a lovely opening letter and one of my mustard colored adjustable headbands! I really hope she likes it!!!!

Headband - Mustard Yellow

Happy Monday to all. Sorry there hasn't been any "Weekend in a Nutshell" Posts, but it's been so hot, we haven't done anything exciting recently. LOL

Have a great week!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Answer Me This

My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is my black skirt and a bright summery top with heels.

This week has been too short. With all the inventory I sold last week at the market it has been hard to catch up!!! Plus, I have gotten NO dancing done :(

When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat Piggies aka Toads in a Hole akaPigs in a blanket aka cut hole in bread add egg and fry. LOL

My favorite pair of shoes is my rainbow flipflops circa 2001 (when I stole them from my BFF) or these cute leather black flips I have with a ankle wrap strap!

A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I could never part with is a green chair my Aunt Candis gave me when she left Calgary. It is so cool with wood on it's arms and blue sparkle glue from my baby cousin. {sigh} miss them. I don't even have room for it in the new house. (It's in my bedroom sized bathroom) But that thing moved all the way to Ontario with me so dammit it's gonna get used!!!! :)

My favorite person is my nephew Logan and /or My Paddy.

If I were going to write my own question it would say where were you born? or what is your dream job?
Thanks to Shannon Bear for the questions!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Outfit Post ~ Look at me, Makin' My own clothes!!!

I made this dress!!!!
I can't believe it.
I feel like such a Rockstar.

I can sew, but not sew my own clothes kinda sew. But, when we went to Ogdensburg on Monday to get new fabric I found this lovely print in the clearance section. It was only $2 a yard so I had to get it!!! It is super strechy and comfortable. :)

I'm so proud!!!

Pretty impressive eh? LOL Just kidding...but I am still really proud of myself! LOL

TGIF everyone!!!