Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Valencia, Spain

Good Morning!

Today's travel post is about two places...Valencia & Gerona, Spain!!!! We didn't spend too long in either place so I thought I would roll them into one! :)

We took our very first European train ride from Barcelona to Valencia. It was an amazing coastal trip and the scenery was stunning. I absolutely love travelling on trains, you can see so much of the countryside and people in their normal environments and it is so cool.
The buildings in the old town really hit me. It was like it finally all sunk it that we were in Europe seeing amazing architecture that I could never see at home in Canada.

Valencia is the place where I discovered my love for Amstel. I sometimes have a hard time finding new things to like when away because I am such a box and I rarely change things up when I am home. So, not having Kokanee beer for 2 whole months was a serious problem. But...don't fret - I found Amstel AND Grolsh! :)

We spent one full day at the beach in Vallencia. It was like a full out beach day where we had to pack our beach bags, take the bus there and spend the day on the beach!!! I have to wear water wings because I can't swim and my Paddy gets worried about me in the big waves. But he got me these cool shark fin one's to wear!!! :) LOL

{this photo is funny because there are some models in the background doing a photo shoot and they are all hot and steamy LOL}

Gerona was our gateway to get out. LOL It was the only way we could find to get out of Spain and get to Italy. We had spent a lot of time in Spain and wanted to move out to the next country...but we either couldn't get flights, or trains or hotels to all link up!!! I was so frustrated!!!!

But we finally did get out of Spain and we were off to PIZA!!!!!

Thanks for peekin' today!


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