Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Lot at the Shop

You thought you loved me yesterday????
Check THIS out!!!!
My Paddy came up with the idea for these adorable little reindeers!!!!
Our penguins have been such a hit (masss production mode!) that we decided to try some cute little Rudolph friends!!!


Aren't they adorable??? He did such a good job! :) xoxo

Go to our store to check our our new Deer and take advantage of our major sale on the penguins going on THIS WEEK ONLY!!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Item of the Week

You guys are going to love me this week!!!! {Eeeek!}

Our shop has been buzzing lately with the newest addition of Christmas ornaments...especially our lil' penguins!!! So....we are marking them down to only $5.00 as our item of the week!!!

Head to the shop now and get your order in, this sale only lasts until Next Sunday!!!!


This is How I Cook: Piggies!!!!

First off, let me just say this. I have absolutely know idea why My Paddy and I call these Piggies. I believe it started with him having a brain fart when we first started dating and not knowing the name, and me just being plain ol' weird. I blurted out "They're called Pigs in a Blanket" which didn't make sense as soon as I said it...then I changed to Pigs in a Hole. But in real life, I think they are called Toads in a Hole. Which Has nothing to do with Pigs. From Pigs in a hole, it became Piggies.

This is my favorite breakfast in the world for 2 reasons.
1. They are damn tasty!!!!
2. They make me think of those first months when our relationship was new and My Paddy would sleep over and I'd wake up to Piggies in the morning. :) xoxo

So, it is really easy...but here is how you do it!!! {Now you can make them too Aunty Rossie!!!! hahaha...}

~ Two pieces of French or Italian Bread {You can use regular ol' bread, but it isn't nearly as tasty!}
~ Two Large Eggs
~ Butter or Margarine
~ Frying Pan
~ Flipper
~ circle cookie cutter {or you can use a glass with a small opening}

STEP ONE: Preheat your frying pan on medium high and cut two slices of your french or Italian bread from the loaf.
STEP TWO: Butter BOTH sides of each piece of bread and place into your frying pan.
STEP THREE: Use your cookie cutter or glass to make a round cutout in the center of the bread.
STEP FOUR: Break your eggs into the holes!
STEP FIVE: Once the whites go white flip the whole bread piece with the eggs, to cook the other side.
STEP SIX: Using your flipper, make a small slit beside the yolk to make sure the whites are fully cooked and not snotty. {gross!}
Put on your plate and enjoy!

Happy Funday Sunday! We are heading to Kingston to gets me a new winter coat! YAY!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Addiction of the Moment

I get serious addictions to food and will eat them not stop for a undisclosed amounts of time until I am so sick of it, I can't look at it. Hahahaha Is this weird? Does anyone else do this? I have done this all my life. When I was a kid I would eat the same cereal morning and night for years. I can only remember two... Pro Stars and Honey Nut Cherrios. My whole childhood...those were all I ate. Ha! Now, I branch out a bit, but I still do it. Right now, these are my addictions.

What are you addicted to?


Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY - Christmas Centerpiece

I pulled out all my bins and started decorating the other day. I fiddled around and made a really nice centerpiece for our dining room tabel. Here it is...

I found these cool foam glitter beads at Dollarama to use in the bottom of my plate. The sparkle balls I got last year and the white star I made and we sell at Craft Shows for our store 2MESSY. :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Etsy Love - Red, White & Silver

We are in our new house this year for Christmas and since we already have red in our living room, I decided to add some red into my decorating. (I usually just do silver and white)

So with this in mind...here is my Etsy Love items this week...

Holiday Christmas Wreath Small Home Decor - Red Silver White Sparkle Pom Pom Hostess Gift

Candy Cane Deer Antler Art Sculpture- Red, White, Silver

Belt Buckle Hand Painted Red Black and White Blossom Silver Belt Buckle  with a Glossy Enamel Finish, Customizable

Red and Silver Zipper Mens Bow Tie

Zinnia Lino Print - Red on Silver

Red Crochet Wine Bottle Covers Sacks Gift Bags: Red with Silver Glitter Packages

I really could go on and on and on and on....LOL


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Jimmy Fallon...I love You.

I have mentioned before that I very religiously watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I love him. Adore him. Would marry him if I could. {sigh}. Quite possibly the funniest human being alive. (People magazine should do that - screw Hottest Man Alive) Since recently getting twitter, I now follow and laugh at him everyday. Its getting a little pathetic. LOL

I found Jimmy many years ago when I worked for a movie distribution company. I didn't watch SNL because at that time, I was always out drinking on Saturday nights, so I didn't really know him. But a whole bunch of new SNL Specials were released and they were skits of each actor or actress. Molly Shannon, Will Farrell, Jimmy Fallon and many more.

I got stuck doing a review for Jimmy's special. I got the long straw and was stuck with the last movie to choose that week. (Sorry Jimmy - clearly my old coworkers had no taste). I took it home sat down with my roommate and proceeded to cry from pure laughter. My stomach hurt so bad....we watched it 3 times. I still watch it probably once a year. So funny...I mean Mick Jagger? The DJ one with Ben Affleck?  Stoner Guy? You can't go wrong with these classics.

Here is the History of Rap Jimmy does with Justin Timberlake :) Loves it. But seriously, get is best skits special. Must see TV.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Item of the Week

Week 2 of "Item of the Week" over at our shop is......

{drum roll please.................}

THESE adorable Christmas ornaments!!!

Do you like Sparkle?
Do you like Beads?

Then you'll love these...

Your choice of silver, green, red or blue.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Bonjour! {Montreal, QC}

Good Monday Folks! :)

Sorry I was MIA all weekend, but I went on a little mini vacay! :)

On Saturday I drove up to Montreal, Quebec to see my brother. He was here on a music/teacher conference and I hadn't seen him in almost 2 years.

It is about 2 and a half hours away, and I left Saturday after dance at about 2. By the time i got there it was dark and I missed my turn off and took a long dark tunnel to way to far land. I had to go in and out downtown Montreal with a crazy amount of people everywhere. Nuts.

Saturday night we met up with a large group of my brothers friends for some drinks and appys. Then off to this really cool pub on Crescent Street called Hurley's. It was really cool and got packed after the hockey game let out.

Sunday we met up with my cousin Clinton for breakfast. It was so beautiful out, the fresh air, crisp and moist. It had rained a little and it was grey and dark which made all the old architecture seem gothic and scary. So stunning. Clinton took us to old town and we walked everywhere. Up and down the cobblestone roads, in and out of the narrow store lined streets. I felt like I was in Europe again.

Down by the river there is a new causeway and sand beach going in. That will be amazing next summer :)
The whole experience felt like Europe. Stopping for coffee...taking photos of old buildings...good times.
Great to see ya Bro. :)


Friday, November 18, 2011

This is Me.

My Paddy and I have been having communication problems lately. I am the type of person that thinks you need to change and bend a little to compromise your relationship into working. He is the type of person that thinks you should just except eachothers flaws. I do agree to this to a certain extent, but also think the major annoying habits have to go. LOL I also know that there are things about me he would HATE with a passion and I have changed because I know they make him cringe.

But, if I could write an ad looking for my perfect match...this is what it would say...

"Almost 30 something looking for mate who loves decorating for holidays, mischief, kissing in cars and wind chimes. No specific height, weight, hair color, or political affiliation required but would prefer a warm spirited non racist. Cynics, critics, pessimists, and “stick in the muds” need not apply. I am dubious of actors, fellons and gays but dont want to rule them out entirely. Must be tolerant of whistling, tickle torture, The Kardashians and waking up at 5am. I have a slight limp, eerily soft skin, and a preternatural love of autumn. I once misinterpreted being called crazy skinny as a compliment when it was intended as an insult. I wiggle my feet in my sleep, am scared of spiders, and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time. All i want is butterfly kisses in the morning, peanut butter and honey sandwiches shaped like a heart, and to make you smile until it hurts."

This is me and My Paddy to a T. :)


PS: I got this idea here

Don't forget about our weekly feature at our shop! Only $10!!! Check it out!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Bologna, Italy

Next stop on our 2 month European Adventure we are going to Bologna, Italy!!! I was dying to go here purely so I could crack jokes with my Dad about being to Bologne. {Pronounced ba-low-nee when we say it} :)

We took the train from Venice to Bologna one afternoon and it wasn't very far. We only stayed over night because there isn't too much there that we wanted to do. I would say out of all the train stations in all of the places we went, this was the coolest!!! The sunset was stunning...it was cool how they had a wicked old bridge that went over the tracks. It hadn't been updated and it was the original station.

We mostly sat, drank beer, ate peanuts and people watched. The highlight of Bologna was seeing a man and a nun holding hands, Can they do that??? LOL

 We spent some serious dough and went for a super nice dinner watching the sunset. It was lovely. We found the best markets here and we bought lots of cheapy cheap clothes, shoes and assessories! It was like Thailand! hahahaha

Great time had by all.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Etsy Love - Movember

I'm not sure if it's just Canada or everyone that celebrates Movember. This is a charity event that gets men to grow their mustaches for a month to raise prostate cancer awareness. :) Fab idea! So...here are my favorite mustache items from Etsy!

Mustache Shirt - Mr Mustache with Top Hat Mustache Shirt - Organic Cotton T Shirt - Kids Tshirt Sizes 2T, 4T, 6 - Gift Friendly

Monocles, mustaches and martinis, OH MY. Hand cut 8x10

Mustache Hand Towel - Embroidered - YELLOW - MOVEMBER SALE

Edible Mustache Decorations

Mustache - illustrated wooden necklace

Love Birds Handlebar Mustache 13x19 Poster

frito bandito mustaches in brass

Sorry guys...I mustache!!!!!

waahaahahahahaha {knee slapper!!!}


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Item of the Week

New segment for the Holidays over at 2MESSY!!!! I should have posted this yesterday, but the death of my kitten was way more important. ;)

Every week from now until Christmas I am going to feature one item that I will drastically reduce in our store for THAT WEEK ONLY!!!!

Today's Item Is....
{drum roll please}

Remember if you are a Brockville resident you don't pay the shipping prices!!! You may get this painting in any background color you would like, just let us know when you order!!!

Hurry - this sale will end on Sunday night!!!!! :)