Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY ~ Bottle O' Glitter Necklace

I loves me some glitter!
But it is a tad messy!
I made these super easy, super cute glitter bottle necklaces the other day and thought I would share how with you all!

  • glitter
  • clear mini plastic or glass bottle with a cork lid
  • white glue
  • eye screw
  • chain
  • clasp and hoop
  • charm

First fill your bottle 3/4 full with the glitter.
Put glue around the edges of the cork top and plug the bottle shut.
Once dry, screw your eye screw through the center of the top of the cork.
Add your necklace chain and clasp.
Also add your charm to your eye screw.
That's it!
Super cute eh?


Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY Tutorial ~ Mason Lid Pumpkin

Oh how I love fall!!

I saw this cute little pumpkin on pinterest and thought I could probably fix up my own one with stuff I have in my craft stash!

  • craft paint in red, orange, dark green, dark brown and white
  • piece of green cardstock
  • hemp rope
  • glue gun
  • paint brush
  • 3 x bamboo skewers
  • sand paper
  • thin wire
  • 12 x mason jar lid rings

First lay out your mason jar lid rigs.
Paint them any fall colors you like.
I went with orange, dark brown and terricotta.
(I also used chalk paint on mine but craft paint is fine too!)

Paint all your rings sorta sloppy like.
Cut your wood skewers in half and glue together.
Paint the bottom dark brown and the top dark green fading into each other. 

Once the rings are dry, slightly sandpaper the edges so that silver comes through.

Collect all your rings facing the same direction so they are stacked sideways.
Using a long piece of the hemp rope, tie through the center of the rings.
Knot tight, and leave the ends dangling. 

Fold your green cardstock in half so it is doubled and draw a leaf on one side. 
Cut them out.

Using a small piece of thin wire glue one end to one side of the leaf.
Glue the other leaf on top so the wire is hidden inside.
Paint some shading on the leaf with green and brown paint.

Using another small piece of wire twist it onto the stem of the leaf.
Take a long piece of hemp rope wind it around the wire up to the leaf and around the second piece of wire.
Hot glue gun the ends in place.

Attach the leaf to the wooden stem with glue.
Stick your stem right down the center of your mason jar lids.
I stuck a little glue in there to secure it.

Bend your leaf slightly so it looks more lifelike and wrap your wire end around a pencil or paint brush end to make a coil.
Pull out the two dangly pieces of rope from the inside and glue in coils on top!

Turned out so cute!

Please post yours and link back in comments!
I love seeing others doing my DIY's!
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Monday, September 1, 2014

New Lot at the Shop!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share some exciting news!
I am officially painting real Toms shoes and selling them in my online store and on facebook!
If you live in the Oceanside area you also get free delivery!

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