Sunday, August 31, 2014

DIY ~ Large 3 Canvas Puff Artwork

I painted these for a friend of mine in another life. *sigh*.
It was super simple!

3 canvas' of the same size
4 shades of dark drown acrylic paint
gold acrylic paint
white acrylic paint
light and dark green acrylic paint
foam brush
thin paint brush

First put dots of all the browns and the gold all over the canvas'.
Using your foam brush spread them all out.
I had to do this process 3 times, letting it dry between each coat.
Don't forget to paint the sides.

Using your thin paint brush, draw 2 stems from the right side canvas.
Using white and a foam brush, fan out a puff at the top of your stem.
Using your thin brush again make wispy lines all the way across all three canvas'.
Put lots right near the puffs and faze them out.

Clear coat all three canvas' with clear spray paint.

Turned out so simple but so pretty.


Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY ~ Painted Wooden Spoons

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out!!!
I have to make a pair to keep myself now!

wooden spoons
acrylic craft paint
clear coat
mini paint brush

First start by painting the big blocks of color.
Follow my spoons for ideas.

Taking a super small paint brush make your designs using black paint once your colors are dry.

 Once they are fully dry, cover the top spoon part and clear coat the handles so they are washable!

These are for sale in my shop now!


***this is a repost from May 2013***