Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear Dancing:
Oooohhh how I have missed you...but do you really have to make my muscules this sore???

Dear Ex- Husbands New Wife:
Please stop sending me hateful messages. I don't know you, nor have I lived near you for years, nor do I care about your relationship and if my Mom sends my Ex Christmas Cards.
Get over it....your about 5 years to late on this, and it's weird.

Dear Jumbo Sunflowers:
I think you are so cool!!!!!
Now if you would only actually get the flower that would be nice. (Although I wont be able to see them since your already 6 feet tall!)

Dear Bestie:
I wish you were here to laugh about Ex- Husbands new wife and make me feel better.
I miss you.
I love you.

Dear Saturday Market:
Only 2 more Saturdays and I am done for the winter.
Will you miss me?


1 comment:

Nadiine said...

Hiiii :) I just recieved your letter!
Thank-you for the headband, I love it!
I'm writing you one back right now :D xo