Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dear You Pick Strawberries:

I am so excited to pick you today, but I am more excited to pick raspberries in a couple weeks.
Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Dear Front Door Screen:

I wish you were installed already.

Dear My Adult Hip Hop Class:

Thank you for making Wednesdays the best day of the week. We rock!!!

Dear My Nephew Logan:

I love you. Thank you for saying my name and loving Gog so much.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY ~ Basket Mailbox

Good Morning!!!

How are we all today?
As you all know, I have been trying to give our new home some much needed curb appeal.
It's getting there, and the only thing left is our new screen door. It's painted, just needs to be installed now. :)

Our old screen door had a mail slot in it, so our house doesn't have a mailbox now that the old screen door is gone. 
It hasn't been a problem since Canada Post has been on strike, but I needed to get something up today because mail is back on!!!! {YAY - I will get my stuff from Etsy!!!}

Last week, my bestest neighbor friend and I were at our favoritae little store Connie Stage Right (in Brockville, ON) and I found this amazing basket!!!

It has a flat back with a handle and it is a vintage fisherman's basket that they used for tackle back in the day. 

So, here is how I made it into a mailbox {pretty straight forward really}...

STEP 1. Find any type of basket that has a flat back so it can lay nicely on your home. {Here are some examples}

STEP 2. Take off any leather, metal or parts you don't want painted.

STEP 3. Clean basket really well with a damp cloth.

STEP 4. Spray paint your basket with high gloss paint in any color you would like!

STEP 5. Wait for it to dry. :) Dum de dum...

STEP 6. Get your DH {darling husband} to drill a hole in your homes wall where you would like to hang your mailbox.

STEP 7. Take a medium size screw and screw it through the basket and into the hole in the wall. {I did two screws to make it really secure}

STEP 8. Step back and enjoy your new country vintage mailbox!!!! :) YAY!
Even my mailman said he loved it :)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Weekend In a Nutshell ~ June 24th - 26th

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Our weather was so rainy this weekend - like the WHOLE weekend! {sheesh}

Here is our Weekend in a Nutshell :)


I made these awesome new headbands and they are on sale in my shop now!!! :)


 We spent the day at our buddy Joe's Birthday BBQ!!! What a blast! We bought him this hilarious tshirt! LOL


I took My Paddy on a surprise Sunday date! :)

We went to the Brockville Hydroplane Regatta on the St. Lawrence River.

They lift the boats in and out of the water with a huge crane!!!!

On the way home it started to pour rain!!!! We had to take cover on the old train display in the park.

Chuck Norris loved the big long walk!

And My Paddy loved the regatta! Too bad it was so rainy!!!

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?


Friday, June 24, 2011

Outfit Post ~ Fixed Up Dress Up

Today I finally have an Outfit Post for you.
I am trying to force myself to do one a week but with the combination of my lack of style and my terrible photo taking skills...they are just not turning out pretty. {sigh}

I wore this outfit last week when my Grandparents were here.
It was super hot out and I took them to the Brockberry Cafe for dinner!

I bought this dress at Goodwill, but it has no lining in it. It is a tad big for me so I am going to sell it on my Etsy shop for anyone who is interested.

Dress: Goodwill Brockville
Belt: Market in Bologna, Italy
Earrings: Ardene

Shoes: Vintage bought in Calgary
Silver Bead Bracelet: Accessory store in Auckland, NZ
Sterling Silver Circle Bracelet: Ardene

Ahhh...I think I should take a photography class! LOL

Oh brother, I hope this terrible photo doesn't really represent what I looked like!!!!!
My Grannie said I looked good! :(


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Madrid, Spain

Good Morning - Good da...da da da daaaa..

I feel a little happier today. Yesterday I was low, low, low. LOL
The weather has been super rainy and dark out so I have nowhere decent to take my photos...sorry kids!

Ok onto my travel portion of this post. Last time I showed you Portugal, so today we move onto Madrid, Spain.

We were only in Madrid for a day before we headed out but it was a good first glace at Spain and I think we needed that before trying to digest Barcelona.

It was really low key, felt like a regular town anywhere in the world, but it was stiffling hot and the humidity was unbelievable.

 We stayed in a fabulous boutique hotel on a nice quiet residential street. We took the metro everywhere and had no problems with transportation. We walked around and just looked and people watched mostly.

Our whole European adventure was based around finding out which country had the best beer. Needless to say, we had to drink a lot of beer to decide on Amstel :) LOL

Till next time travellers...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Etsy Love

Hump Day!
Hi Everyone! I am so happy - in 2 days I got 3 followers! Whew! Thats' awesome!!!!!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

Today is Etsy love day...
Here is what I love on Etsy....
Cupid's Arrow Adjustable Ring

Vintage CHAIN OF LOVE Red Leather VanEli Princess Pumps womens 8.5

Kathrine, French Vintage, Cherry Red Polka Dot Shift Mini Dress from Paris

The Broken Hearts Club Antique Key Duo / 25% Off Sale

Carlton Glass Cookie Canister

{sigh} Dreamy eh? I wish I had a money tree....dum dee dum...

By the way, I have been spending a lot of time over at the Blog Guidebook which has been such a life changing thing for me. It has helped me so much in my blogging journey! So hip hip to them! Thanks Ladies - you rock my socks off!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY ~ Basket Planters

At the start of summer I was searching EVERYWHERE for inexpensive long flower baskets that I could hang on my metal railings by the front door. I saw all the ugly plastic one's (sorry to anyone who has them, but I hate them.), and the clay one's for a catrillion dollars...but I still didn't even like those one's. I had thought about wood one's but they would be so heavy for my 1890's railings....

Then one day I found these baskets!!!

Of course they sat sitting on the back shelf o' things to do for a while...but I finally made them into the baskets I always wanted. And my Momma said I couldn't do it! ha! 

Start with the following supplies:

~ hair elastic {for when hair is in your eyes and you are angry}
~ hand shovel
~ dirt
~ annual flowers in all sorts of pretty colors
~ pressed moss sheet
~ scissors 
~ water

STEP 1: Go to the local garden market and buy all sorts of flowers, dirt and the pressed moss. {I bought a half meter for $1.99}

STEP 2: Once home, unload flowers and bask in their loveliness. :)

STEP 3: Cut pressed moss sheet to the right size to fit in your basket. {This project can be done with all types of baskets!}

STEP 4: Line the basket with the pressed moss.

STEP 5: Place a little dirt in the bottom as a base.

STEP 6: Pick the flowers you would like {I like to pick flowers of all different shapes, sizes and colors. I like to get lots of hangy downy plants so they droop down too...}

STEP 7: Once flowers are in, cover any holes with dirt and press it down so the container is full and packed in.

STEP 8: Give your baskets a little lovin' with some water!!! <3

STEP 9: Using two zip ties for each basket, hang the baskets from your railing. Clip ends of ties.

Enjoy!!!! :)

What are your favorite flowers to plant in the summer?

Ok, now onto today's card!

 I am in a super summery mood today since it is the first day of summer! :) YAY!!!!! I started with pale yellow cardstock as the base and wrapped a piece of hot pink polka dot ribbon around tying it in a bow. I used this cute little windmill stamp I got from Michael's $1.50 bin and stamped it in DewDrop Momento Tuxedo Black Ink. I colored it in with pink and yellow pencil crayons and cut it out. I added the "Hope Your B-Day is a Hit" sentiment and mounted that on light pink cardstock.
Simple and sweet.

Don't forget to stop by my shop! I have been adding lots of goodies lately!!!!
Plus, Canada Post will be up and running again on Monday {so they say} so back to buyin'! haha.


Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend In a Nutshell ~ June 17th - 20th

Happy Monday!
Hope you all are well today.

Here is My Weekend in a Nutshell!

This weekend I...


...played with my puppys until the sun went down. (I only have one dog but I still plural it - don't ask - long story)


 ...bought these cute hooks for my pretend walk in closet wall at a garage sale for $1...
 ...went to the Brockville Farmers Market and got mini potatoes, mini muffins, and a new dishcloth in bright green (plus I requested more!)

...watched My Paddy dig up my slipper after Chuck Norris buried it :( LOL

...watched my tomatoes grow and picked some red, sweet, tasty cherry ones! {shrieks with excitement}

...wore this amazeballs headband that I made. Like, I wore it in public where people could see me. I'm a rebel.

...let my Paddy take pictures of me. He didn't do so bad :) Love.

Hope you all have a Happy Monday,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Morning New Life!

Well, I quit my day job. Yuppers. I quit and gave my two weeks notice, but since my boss has a slight temper he got angry and kicked me out :( I feel bad cause we were sorta friends, but I just couldn't work for him anymore. I hated it there. Now, I need to find a new job. I'm going to dance in September full time, but I need a tide me over job for a couple months. My Etsy Shop is doing really well, so go check it out and see my goodies! I ahve some great upcycled mirrors, napkin holders and some really cool vintage flower pots! :) Plus, I have been sewing up a storm and changing up clothes I have bought! :)

Today is going to be a long and productive post. LOL Lots to say and post so here I go...

I added this item to the Inspiration Workshop over at Gussy Sews! :)

It turned out so much better then I expected! I love the colored feathers I chose, they look like the rich colors of the caribean ocean!!!! :) Loves it!!!!

Then I decided to do Outfit Post #2 since I sorta had a cute outfit today. Except for the fact that a) I'm a horrible photographer and b) I'm a horrible model. {sigh} I hope it gets better and less embarressing!!!! :(

Please ignore the fact that I look dumb. I was laughing and couldn't look at the camera....hahahaha....
Skirt: Goodwill
Shirt: Trend (Calgary, AB)
Ring: From My Paddy
Headband: Homemade
Shoes: Bought in Greece last summer
Necklace: Ardene
Belt: Market in Italy

Lastly I have a card to share!!!

It's so summery! I have been making a lot of these lately. I am just LOVING thes eOntario summers! So hot and humid and delightful.

 We have been eating Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen like they are going out of style. I had bought some for our housewarming BBQ and we had a few left! Yummers. So, this little sundae made me think I hadto do a card!!!
I started with both patterned papers from my DCWV Citrus Stack. I added the white oval and popped it out with ouff tape. I used a clear stamp from a $1.50 Michael's set and had an old neon green ink pad I used to ink it up! :) It turned out great!  
Thanks for listen to me drag on...this post is long! :)