Monday, August 13, 2012

Etsy Love ~ Summer Dresses

I have a new love for dresses.
Before this summer, I never really wore them.
To be frank, I hated the feeling of my thighs touching LOL

Now, I am smitten.
Here are so dresses from Etsy that I adore :)

Ladies Dress with Matching Shoes, Wild and Colorful, Size 6P

Vintage Ladies Dress in Electric Blue Disco Style Wrap Bodice Lace Back

Vtg.60s Red Ribbed Princess Maiden Long Sleeve MOD Sweater Mini Dress.S/M.Bust 34-40.Waist 22-34.Hips 44.

Womens Dress, Black with White Floral Design, Rockabilly, Pin Up  & Retro style

PA PA POWER Vintage Black and Orange Halter Dress

Vintage sundress 70s garden flowers cotton

Summer Dress

MAXI DRESS 099-02 Multi-color sleeveless long ladies prom party sexy deep v-neck luxury chic evening casual formal

I want them all!!!!


Friday, August 10, 2012

PL Peek ~ Chuck Norris Learns to Swim

Chuck has always had a bit of a water phobia.

He's great in the shower, but if he gets sprayed by the hose, wet grass, or large bodies of water it has always caused major freak outs.
I decided that now that we live on the river, its time he learned to swim.

Chuck did so well!!! He did not love it the first time, went a little under, but he got better and better as he practiced!!!
Proud Mama here!!! :))))

Love this guy!