Saturday, August 29, 2015

This is How I Cook ~ ColleenKelly's Cookies

I have a wonderful friend I call ColleenKelly.
She was one of my babysitters when I was a kid and a very special person to me. 

She is the queen of mason jar food. 
She sells them at markets and craft fairs in the winter! 

Last year she gave me a bunch of stuff...
pickles, jams, lentil soup and this mason jar filled with cookie ingredients! 

So awesome. 

It even came with instructions...too easy!

All I needed was 3/4 cup butter, softened, 1 egg and 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla!

I added the jar of dry ingredients and mixed it all together! 


Thanks ColleenKelly!


Monday, February 16, 2015

DIY ~ Planter Pot Upcycle

This is a super fast and easy way to upcycle a pot you may not like anymore!

I got this one from work and it had 3 little suffocating plants in it. 
I seperated them into their own pots, and this guy is doing so good! 

I ahve been looking at the pot it's in for a few weeks now and I didn't like that it had orange on it. 
Makes it look dirty or dated or something. LOL
Anyhoo...this is how I did it.

Old ceramic plant pot
acrylic craft paint
medium and small size paint brushes
clear coat (I used outdoor verathaine)

Wash and dry your pot well.

Paint whatever you would like on the pot.
Mine had maple leaves,so I kept those and just re-painted over the orange.
Paint three coats or until you get the desired coverage you wish.

Once completely dry, clear coat the whole pot with the varathaine. 
That's's just that simple.


Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Tutorial ~ At Home Jewellery Cleaner

 I tried one of the many recipes for at home jewellery cleaners from Pinterest!

I did a big search and picked the one with the best review. 

Here's how I did it...

tarnished silver jewellery 
flat pan covered in foil with the shiny side up (I used a 9×9 baking pan)
boiling water: 1 cup
vinegar: 1/2 cup
baking soda: 1 tablespoon
salt: 1 tablespoon
Place your jewellery in the foil lined pan making sure nothing is touching.
Mix 1 cup of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of salt, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda together. Then slowly pour the mixture into the foil lined pan. Use a spoon if necessary to stir and reposition the jewellery. 
 Slowly add the 1/2 cup of vinegar and watch it do its magic! Bubbles galore cleaning every crevice.
 Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. If necessary, use a spoon to stir the salt and baking soda, and to evenly distribute the jewelry. 
Rinse in water and dry. Enjoy your shiny jewellery!
I saw a huge difference is a few items!


Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY ~ Battle Shots Drinking Game

Thank you Jimmy Fallon.

You are officially my hero.

Jimmy had on his Late Night show one of his crazy games called Battle Shots. 
It's basically Battle Ship with shots. :)
Every time the opposing player hits your ship, you must drink that shot.

I decided I NEEDED this game.
So, I made myself a version that I could fold down and take to friends houses.

Here is my Battle Shots game...

large box or piece of cardboard (I used the box my new TV came in)
4 x poster board (I used two blue and two white)
Sharpie Marker
Thin rope or twine
Glue or double sided tape
Velcro squares
Plastic shot glasses
2 x thin cardboard sheets
2 x Poker chip sets
1 x Yellow poster board (optional)
4 x Red foam Sheets(optional)
Alcohol (to drink)
If using a large box flatten it to one large piece by cutting one of the corner edges. Make four equal parts and bend the center two areas to make a peak.
Using the twine make an 8 inch gap to make a sandwich board type peak. This will make the back portion of the game board on an angle.
Cover, on both sides, the bottom and top pieces in poster paper. 
Trim edges to match the size of your cardboard game board.

Measure and draw your grid according to the size of your game board. I did 2.5 in squares. Your total grid size will be 7 x 7. You are making the same grid on each size bottom and top. Don't forget you will need room to write your letters and numbers.
Draw your grid and go over it in Sharpie. 
Down the side write 1 to 7. 
In between the upper and lower grids, write A to G.
Take your poker chips and put one side of the velcro on each piece. 
You will need 18 reds total and as many blacks as you can do. 

On the upper portion of your board, the top grid, put the other side of the velcro pieces, one per square. 
Now to make your boats!
 You will need:

2 x four shot boat
2 x three shot boat
2 x two shot boat

On your cardboard sheets measure each one out. So, the two shot boat needs to span two spaces, 2.5+2.5=5inches. Measure 5 inches on your cardboard and make a leaf/oval type shape.
Using a plastic shot glass make the two (3 or 4) circles on top for shot glass placement.
Now this part is optional...
I cut out "Bottleshots" from foam paper for both sides and mounted it on an explosion type design behind it. :)
But you can decorate however you want!

Only other thing you need is alcohol...
I made some home made bailey's to go with mine!!

Each player places their 3 boats on the bottom grid either horizontally or vertically. (No angles allowed)
Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.
Player 1 picks a space out load. Example: D4.
Player 2 says whether that spot hits one of their boats or not.
If a hit, Player 1 sticks a red poker chip in the D4 space on their upper board; Player two must drink that shot!!!!
If a miss, Player 1 sticks a black poker chip on their upper board.
Now it is Player 2's turn.
Must sink all of the other Players ships to win!

This game was the highlight of my weekend!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY Tutorial ~ Kitchen Canisters

These match my kitchen perfectly :)

3 or more coffee containers
scrapbooking paper
flat magnet pieces with sticky back
chalk labels
white craft paint

First clean out your coffee containers well.
Measure the width of the label area and cut your paper to that size.

Stick the strips of magnet to the container near where the end of the paper will be and one in the middle.

Place your chalk label in the center of your paper piece.
Using white paint write the word you would like.

Once the paint is dry snap your paper label piece around the container. 

All done.

Now when you want to wash the containers you can just easily remove the label and wash! :)


Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY ~ Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

I recently moved into a little cottage on my own and it is so cute!
I don't have a lot of stuff since I haven't had a "home" in over a year and a half. 
I needed a place for my toothbrush and a soap dispenser for the bathroom.
Have you seen the price of those things?!?
Cray cray. 
I decided I was pretty sure I could make something using items I had at home so there was no cost to me.

two Mason Jars
plaster of paris
hot glue gun
color of choice
paint brush
mixing tray
hemp cord
crop-o-dile or metal punch
old soap dispenser

First mix the paint color you want with the Plaster of Paris until it becomes the consistancy of chalk paint. You may want to add a couple dabs of water.
Mix well.

Paint your jars completely - two coats, letting dry thoroughly in between.

Using fine grit sandpaper, lightly scuff the edges and letters on the jars. 
You can rough them up as much or as little as you want.

Using a crop-o-dile or metal punch create a hole in the flat top part of the lid for the mason jar.
Fill one of your jars with the hand soap you would like.
Screw your mason lid back on one of the jars with the flat top that has the hole.

Using your hot glue gun, put a thin glue line around the rim of the dispenser that will attach to the flat part of the mason lid.
Stick the straw portion of the dispenser in the hole and press the dispenser down so the glue holds to the metal.

Wrap the hemp rope around the tops of the jars 3 or 4 times and make a small bow off to the side of the jar writing.

They looks so pretty with my blue and green theme up in thuuurrrr....


Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY ~ Alphabet I Love You Art

I saw this idea on pinterest and couldn't help but make a few - so easy!

- 1 set of alphabet letters
- thin canvas
- and "i" and a "u" sticker in a different font sticker
- red cardstock
- scissors
-  picture frame
- glue

First line up and place your alphabet letters on your canvas.

 Add your "i" and "u" in a different font.
Cut out a mini heart to replace to "O".

Put your canvas in your frame and voila!

Cutie patootie! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY ~ Bottle O' Glitter Necklace

I loves me some glitter!
But it is a tad messy!
I made these super easy, super cute glitter bottle necklaces the other day and thought I would share how with you all!

  • glitter
  • clear mini plastic or glass bottle with a cork lid
  • white glue
  • eye screw
  • chain
  • clasp and hoop
  • charm

First fill your bottle 3/4 full with the glitter.
Put glue around the edges of the cork top and plug the bottle shut.
Once dry, screw your eye screw through the center of the top of the cork.
Add your necklace chain and clasp.
Also add your charm to your eye screw.
That's it!
Super cute eh?


Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY Tutorial ~ Mason Lid Pumpkin

Oh how I love fall!!

I saw this cute little pumpkin on pinterest and thought I could probably fix up my own one with stuff I have in my craft stash!

  • craft paint in red, orange, dark green, dark brown and white
  • piece of green cardstock
  • hemp rope
  • glue gun
  • paint brush
  • 3 x bamboo skewers
  • sand paper
  • thin wire
  • 12 x mason jar lid rings

First lay out your mason jar lid rigs.
Paint them any fall colors you like.
I went with orange, dark brown and terricotta.
(I also used chalk paint on mine but craft paint is fine too!)

Paint all your rings sorta sloppy like.
Cut your wood skewers in half and glue together.
Paint the bottom dark brown and the top dark green fading into each other. 

Once the rings are dry, slightly sandpaper the edges so that silver comes through.

Collect all your rings facing the same direction so they are stacked sideways.
Using a long piece of the hemp rope, tie through the center of the rings.
Knot tight, and leave the ends dangling. 

Fold your green cardstock in half so it is doubled and draw a leaf on one side. 
Cut them out.

Using a small piece of thin wire glue one end to one side of the leaf.
Glue the other leaf on top so the wire is hidden inside.
Paint some shading on the leaf with green and brown paint.

Using another small piece of wire twist it onto the stem of the leaf.
Take a long piece of hemp rope wind it around the wire up to the leaf and around the second piece of wire.
Hot glue gun the ends in place.

Attach the leaf to the wooden stem with glue.
Stick your stem right down the center of your mason jar lids.
I stuck a little glue in there to secure it.

Bend your leaf slightly so it looks more lifelike and wrap your wire end around a pencil or paint brush end to make a coil.
Pull out the two dangly pieces of rope from the inside and glue in coils on top!

Turned out so cute!

Please post yours and link back in comments!
I love seeing others doing my DIY's!
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