Saturday, July 30, 2011

Etsy Love - Purple

Well today was an AMAZING day at the market! I completely sold out of artwork (7 pieces), sold 4 Bitchy Bags and only came home with 5 of the 15 pieces of furniture I took!!!! :) Plus it was so nice out, not to humid, just lovely. It was perfect!

Now, I am trying to spend my money on Etsy - WAAHAHA!!!

I want...

4pc Original ABSTRACT Modern Contemporary Art Painting by dWo - Huge 40x30 Multi Canvas - Over the Rainbow

SUMMER SALE - 15% OFF - Eggplant Nautical Knot Headband - Josephine

CIJ - SALE - Free Shipping - Twilight - Sunset Sundown magical artistic woodland home decor forest chic nature inspired natural Fine Art Photograph

Everyday bag , Shoulder Bag, Adjustable strap, Purple Cotton and Purple lining

Dream Nymph Fake Gauge Earring

Purple Monarch Butterfly feather hair clip (2 pieces Set) - vibrant color fascinator

I am on a purple kick - CLEARLY!!! lol

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair Cutting Day

Wow...I am going full force with this style makeover aren't I? heehee I loves it!!!!

Today I decided to cut myself swoopy bangs. I have had them before many years ago, but I have never completely cut them myself.

I started by googling it of course because I knew there had to be a video out there somewhere. I used this pretty ladies vlog about it! :)

Then I went to the bathroom and did it myself.

Here we go:

This is me following the video steps :)

After I showered and styled my hair to see how I did. I have to say I am even getting better at doing my own hair. I still get extremely frusterated, but at least I don't give up anymore and put it up. LOL

I love them!!!! I think it turned out very well! But we will see what I think after living with them through the wind. LOL

Check out the video so you can cut your own bangs!!!


24 Hour Cottage Try - Out

As I mentioned...
Last week I went to my Bestest Neighbor Friend's cottage for a night on Golden Lake.
It was absolutely amazing.
I have never been to a cottage per say, but I thought everythhing about it was fantastic. I was so relaxed...completely stress free.
The kidlets had a fabulous time and we had so much fun swimming, fishing and eating smores. :)

I bought the kidlets Warheads when I was in town one day and I thought they would LOVE them!!! We used to eat them like crazy!!!! I will say it was the funniest thing ever to see them try them out!!! hahahahaha I'm evil.
They did love Pop Rocks though!!! :)
We spent one full day basking in the heat and playing in the water.
It was perfect for me and Joely becuase the water is only about 3 feet tall at it's deepest. So, it would be pretty hard for us to drown since we can't swim. :)
 We even got the best Strawberry Daquiri's from my Bestest Neighbor Friend's Aunt who was also staying at the resort. So those could get you drunk! LOL 
Fishing was the top sport!!!
 I had such a good time that by the end I decided that I needed to get a cottage next summer.
So, I booked one week at the same time as all my friends next summer and me, my Paddy and his son will go up together!!!!
I'm so excited I can hardly sleep already!!!!
All in all....I should have gone for the full week! LMAO!


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit Post ~ Meeting My Paddy

Today I went to meet my Paddy for lunch.
It is rare that he is working close enough to home for me to be able to do this, so it was so nice.
I dressed up all cute on purpose. :)

I have been having this new thing with letting a little belly show. LOL I have worked hard to keep this body and have gained a lot of muscle from dance the last year. So...why not??? I can maybe only pull it off for another year so better do it now! LOL

Hope you all are having a lovely day!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lalala...Card Day!

I haven't posted a card in FOREVA!!!
I had to bang out a whole bunch of them because I sold so many at the market a couple weeks ago!
Loves it!!!

I started with plain white cardstock for the base of the card. I ahve this stunning deep purple thick ribbon and it is so silky and beautiful. I have wanted to use it forever!!!! I wrapped it around the whole card and tied a nice knot, clipping the ends into peeks. I added this circular "Just Married" sticker ontop after I mounted it on violet cardstock. I added the purple flower with the white bead centers for a little somethin' extra. :)

I seem to sell my wedding cards the fastest - tis' the season I guess! LOL


This card is for the following challenges:

~ Cheerful Stamp Pad - Circles
~ Crazy Challenge - Ribbon
~ UnstampBelles - No Stamps
~ Lollipop Crafts - Anything Goes
~ 2 Sisters Challenge Blog - Anything Goes

Monday, July 25, 2011


Dear Rain:
Ok, I'm good on you today. Especially since I'm having a BBQ for Baddy Paddy's Birthday tonight.

Dear Ice Cream Cake.
I love you.
That's it.

Dear Brockville Farmer's Market:
I really hope you are busier next Saturday so that I can sell more than last week. Also, I really hope the muffin lady makes me a full bag of raspberry cheesecake muffin again. That was amazeballs.

Dear Non-All Beef Weiners:
I hope the meat man at the market wasn't lying when he promised me I wouldn't notice the differance between you and all beef weiners.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!
I got my tattoo and I managed to get both! One on each elbow.
Here's the shots! :)

Thanks for all the lovely comments with laughs and support! Ya'll are too sweet!

What do you think?


Friday, July 22, 2011

New Lot at The Shop


I just got back from my Bestest Neighbor Friend's cottage and it was A.MA.ZING.
I ahve never been to a cottage and it was awesome, I couldn't have asked for anything better...I even booked a week for me Paddy and Chase next summer!!!
I will get all the pics loaded and whatnot and write a better post later.

Today, I want to show you my new furniture in my shop!
I have been sweatin' away making lots of new pieces for the market and my shop!!!

Go check it out!!!! :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We need to talk.

I'm scared.

I always wanted tattoos but I have a huge problem with pain/blood/needles.....doctors/hospitals/sickness...

My Paddy has always gotten tattoos every country he has gone to, he has many and loves every one of them (as do I).
He has never understood why I don't have a tattoo.
I'm artsy - I love the look of them, I faun over other peoples and I have watched many of my friends get them.
At first I used the excuse that I couldn't think of anything I would want for the REST OF MY LIFE. But lets face it, you can always get it covered if it is THAT terrible, and once you have it, you love it.

Finally, after years of thinking about it I did it.
March 2010, in Mexico...I got my first tattoo. :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so hurt alot, but I still love it!!!!

That was it! 'I have a tattoo' I thought. Been there done that. Went through the pain, didn't love it, didn't want to do it again. Done and done.

Then Europe happened.
My Paddy started with an amazing piece to fill in his left forearm when we were in Barcelona (see THIS post).
I sat there for 4 hours gutted that I wasn't getting one too!
It was so cool!

In Italy when he said he was going for another one, this time, I wasn't going to miss my chance.

I got "New Beginnings" in Italian on my stomach.
My Paddy told me I was stupid. With my combination of fear and low pain tolerance, he knew ending on my ribs was a poor decision on my part.
I did it anyways.
I wanted to die.
(How do you all do FULL rib tattoos????)

After 2 hours of pain like I have never felt before,we got outside the shop and I ripped My Paddy's head off. For a) not telling me how much it would hurt and making sure I completely understood the height of pain and b) not stopping me. LOL
I love this tattoo so much it's unbelievable. Maybe because it was the worst 2 hours of my life.

So, that was it. OK, now I've REALLY been there done that. I felt that pain...I was never doing it again. Done and done.

Three days later (yes...only 3 days)

My Paddy and I are now in Greece.
This means new tattoo for my boy.
Ok, FINE. I'll get one too...(twist my rubber arm)

I decided to go small this time since the last one was so painful!

I got the word LIFE on the back of my calf in Ancient Greek printing. Very simple, easy, to the point. Problem is, this one was painless. Well, I'm sure it wasn't, but it was a breeze compared to the ribs. LOL

Ok, three is enough. No more.

This weekend is My Paddy's birthday. All he asked for is a tattoo.
I booked the appointment and when I was there the guy asked me what I was gonna get. (I tried to say nothing, but he just asked me again with a sly grin)
I told him I have been thinking alot about getting two cherry blossoms one on each elbow for some time.
I am so chicken though. All of my tattoos are in secret places. They can be easily covered, and I can't see any of them directly. LOL Just in case I get sick of them.
These blossoms would be on the front of my elbows. All the time.
I'm scared.
I told him I would think about it and probably skip it.

As I gave him my down payment for My Paddy's tattoo and went to leave he yelled, 
"$100 - PERFECT - you just paid for your tattoo in full - see ya Saturday!!!

WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!

Any wise words? I'm scared that I will always want to cover them but wont be able to?I'm scared they won't go with my outfits?  I'm scared I will get sick of them? I'm scared I will look stupid cause everyone says I'm so conservative? I'M SCARED!!!!!



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Faves ~ Cats & Cardigans

I love Cats.
I love Cardigans.
This blog was meant for me.

I love Brandilyn. She is just so darn cute.
And she talks about her man all lovey dovey and it is so darn cute!!!

She owns a store and dresses cool.
I love her style. {sigh}

I love the way she writes and how plain and simple it is. She's an easy read for sure. You'll love it I promise!!!

Go on and check out her blog and store!!!!


PS: **I am waiting for my new hot water tank, then heading off to meet my Bestest Neighbor friend and the Kidlets at the cabin for a night! TTYL!!!**

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Barcelona, Spain

Today's travel journal post is BARCELONA!!!!

Barcelona was extremely busy and crowded. Plus the humidity level went up like crazy compared to Madrid!

The majority of our time in Barcelona was spent looking for a decent meal. Their main items are tapas and it seemed like most restaurants were out of half of the stuff on their menus! LOL We spent days starving and living off of McDonalds french fries (which we swore we wouldn't do!)

Of course, we did a ton on walking. We checked out the Aquarium because we heard it was the best in Europe.

 They had the longest shark tank tunnel and it had a sweet little people mover system and took you through cool!

We also went to the see the Antoni Gaudi building,

the Picasso Museum (can't take photos, but I bought two really cool prints which we carried for the rest of our trip and I  now have nicely framed in my living room) and the HUGE market!!!

My Paddy also got his first Euro tattoo of many! I paid for it as part of his birthday present!!! It is by far the best tattoo he has!!! LOL

On our last day we went to the market and bought some pasta salad before we headed to the train station. We should have tried it before we left the market, as it was the best food we had had since we left Canada!!! Our biggest regret of the trip STILL!!! hahahahaha

Everywhere their was people squating and whatnot dispite the signs. It was worse then Thailand (but didn't smell as bad LOL)

Now...we took the train to Valencia....that's for next time! :)