Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snail Mail Rocks!!!!

I love mail.
I love getting any typw of mail - even bills.
To me, a letter is so much more personal. It's like when someone calls you instead of texts.
It's lovey, and it makes me feel loved.

As a kid I had a HUGE amount of penpals. I was lucky enough to travel with my family alot and I would meet kids from all over the world. I still talk to some of them via facebook (Hi Michelle!!!! *we met on a Mexican Cruise when I was in Grade 9). My Grandma and I always used to write letters back and forth and I would wait and wait for them to come in the mail.

Letters are a lost art.
I used to send alot of homemade cards to friends and family, but now that they sell so fast it is hard to get them sent out before they are gone!

Well, the opportunity to start the penpal love arose when I saw a post on Allisons blog, Crafted Love. As I mentioned in my first penpal post, I mailed a lovely headband to a girl named Nadine in England.

Well, yesterday I got a letter from Alison herself!!!! Isn't that sweet!!!
Today I am going to send her something lovely. So lovely that you'll are gonna be so jealous!!!! heehee

Have a great Tuesday!

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