Monday, August 8, 2011

Pen Pals

A while ago I saw a post over on Allisons blog, Crafted Love and thought it was a fabulous idea!!!
I wanted a penpal too!!!! So, of course I signed myself up!!!

A couple weeks later she sent me an email with my PenPal's name and where to send my first letter.

I mailed my parcel last weke. {Yes, I said parcel}.
I can't help it. I love sending and getting mail. I used to send millions of home made cards a year, but now that I sell them it's hard to make enough.

I sent her a lovely opening letter and one of my mustard colored adjustable headbands! I really hope she likes it!!!!

Headband - Mustard Yellow

Happy Monday to all. Sorry there hasn't been any "Weekend in a Nutshell" Posts, but it's been so hot, we haven't done anything exciting recently. LOL

Have a great week!


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