Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY ~ Our Bedroom

Room #3 = Complet-o!!!! YEAH!!!!!
I finally finished our bedroom!!! We are soooooo happy with the way it turned out too!!!

Here is a picture I took when we first came and looked at the house before purchasing it.

This is what it looks like now that it has gotten the Weavoway touch...

What a dramatic change hey???

My favorite things in the room are:
~ our vintage laundry hamper we got at Value Village!!! {above}
~ Our DIY headboard my Paddy made for us {will do a tutorial on this soon!}
~ My hanging bulbs I call my "Italy lights" {reminds me of patios in Italy or being on a sailboat}
~ My pet rock. She has been a heavy and solid friend for most of my life. :) {thanks Mom for buying her!}

{do you like my pixiebell hat???? I wear it everyday for dog walking and get so many compliments!!!}

Couldn't have turned out better!!!
You likey?


PS: If you want to see rooms one and two, our bathroom and our walk in closet check them out!!!


Jamie said...

I love the wall color. It turned out great!


Gah, your home is gorgeous! I adore the green color and the lights. Wow, can I move in? :)

off switch said...

oh my! i love the color and the twinkle lights on the ceiling! well done :)

and thank you for the sweet comments over at my blog, messy. i appreciate you introducing yourself, and i'm so glad you're reading. xo, katie.