Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY ~ Elbow Patches


Today I have a super easy and super fun DIY for you!!! I have been doing a crazy amount of DIY's lately!!
Loves it!!!

I rarely ever buy brand name clothes (especially now that we live in a small town), but I do love my Lululemon sweatshirts. I have had this one since high school and my mom bought it for me. I was over the moon excited!!! hahahaha...That was a good 11 or so years ago...hahahaha.... Anyways, it has holes from my pointy elbows and it letting in a lot of cold air on my fall walks with Chuck. So...I made me some elbow patches!!!

What you need:

~ Fabric you like
~ Scissors
~ Felt
~ Pen
~  Invisible Hem or something of that nature.

Step 1: Using a guide, trace the shape you would like your patches to be onto your fabric and felt. Four in total, two of each. {I picked stars}

Step 2: Cut them out :)

Step 3:  Using an iron on the outside of the sleeve, melt the invisible hem in the corners of the fabric star {not the center where the hole is or else it will glue to your ironing board}.

Step 4: Reverse the sleeve and put the felt on the inside using lots of invisible hem or sewing glue.

Step 5: Iron! Iron! Iron! :)

Step 6: Wear your sick new hoodie all over town and get supa dupa compliments! Yeah!




Rossie said...

Love it! ALL my long sleeves t-shirts wear out in the elbows - maybe that is a Gramps thing? Don't think I could get away with funky stars at work though! See what hanging out with me as a child did to you??

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea!

Stopping by from Soleil Solene. :)