Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY ~ Walk In Closet

Well, after doing our bedroom we realized that there was just no way in this life the 3 mini closets would fit all our clothes, shoes and accessories. {sigh}.

So, the room in the middle of our hall that would only fit a twin bed has now been magically transformed...
here are the photos...
{this is before we owned the house}

First we picked the paint color...
CRAZY hey???? I know...we are a little crazy...but this is what we both mutually picked at the store...loves it!!!!
Once we painted it blue, and I painted all the ugly brown/yellowish/pukey color baseboards white, My Paddy put up a bunch of shelves we got at a garage sale in the summer and the rods. :)

Then I started loading all our stuff in!!!

Last but not least, I made this really cool lamp for a string light we had. I just blew up a balloon, took white wool and dunked it in glue and wrapped the balloon. Once it hardened I just tied it to the light bulb string. I added a string of vintage and crystal beads I bought at the Brockville Market for the pull and Voila!

I love our closet. Everything fits perfectly and it is all so organized. We each have our own designated areas and everything has a home! FINALLY!!! Freedom! The best part is this one little room helps us in so many other areas of our cluttered home!!!! :)



Nicole {Miss Mommy} said...

New follower from Soleil Selene hop :). Hope to see you around my place sometime ;). Great closet btw...I wish!

Clara Turbay said...

ohm the smurfit!

Bad Joan said...

amazing transformation! love it!


Jessica said...

LOVE this! I am currently working on my closet room, as well!