Thursday, July 28, 2011

24 Hour Cottage Try - Out

As I mentioned...
Last week I went to my Bestest Neighbor Friend's cottage for a night on Golden Lake.
It was absolutely amazing.
I have never been to a cottage per say, but I thought everythhing about it was fantastic. I was so relaxed...completely stress free.
The kidlets had a fabulous time and we had so much fun swimming, fishing and eating smores. :)

I bought the kidlets Warheads when I was in town one day and I thought they would LOVE them!!! We used to eat them like crazy!!!! I will say it was the funniest thing ever to see them try them out!!! hahahahaha I'm evil.
They did love Pop Rocks though!!! :)
We spent one full day basking in the heat and playing in the water.
It was perfect for me and Joely becuase the water is only about 3 feet tall at it's deepest. So, it would be pretty hard for us to drown since we can't swim. :)
 We even got the best Strawberry Daquiri's from my Bestest Neighbor Friend's Aunt who was also staying at the resort. So those could get you drunk! LOL 
Fishing was the top sport!!!
 I had such a good time that by the end I decided that I needed to get a cottage next summer.
So, I booked one week at the same time as all my friends next summer and me, my Paddy and his son will go up together!!!!
I'm so excited I can hardly sleep already!!!!
All in all....I should have gone for the full week! LMAO!


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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Ah! this looks like the best time ever!