Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Faves ~ Cats & Cardigans

I love Cats.
I love Cardigans.
This blog was meant for me.

I love Brandilyn. She is just so darn cute.
And she talks about her man all lovey dovey and it is so darn cute!!!

She owns a store and dresses cool.
I love her style. {sigh}

I love the way she writes and how plain and simple it is. She's an easy read for sure. You'll love it I promise!!!

Go on and check out her blog and store!!!!


PS: **I am waiting for my new hot water tank, then heading off to meet my Bestest Neighbor friend and the Kidlets at the cabin for a night! TTYL!!!**

1 comment:

brandilyn said...

this is SO sweet!! thank you so so much!!