Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair Cutting Day

Wow...I am going full force with this style makeover aren't I? heehee I loves it!!!!

Today I decided to cut myself swoopy bangs. I have had them before many years ago, but I have never completely cut them myself.

I started by googling it of course because I knew there had to be a video out there somewhere. I used this pretty ladies vlog about it! :)

Then I went to the bathroom and did it myself.

Here we go:

This is me following the video steps :)

After I showered and styled my hair to see how I did. I have to say I am even getting better at doing my own hair. I still get extremely frusterated, but at least I don't give up anymore and put it up. LOL

I love them!!!! I think it turned out very well! But we will see what I think after living with them through the wind. LOL

Check out the video so you can cut your own bangs!!!



Citlalli said...

Oh! you did a great job! The bangs look awesome! I used to cut my own hair back in my middle school years and haven't done it since. I have been thinking about doing it again for about a month now. I think the reason why haven't done it is the fact that I need it in layers and texturized. My hair is ridiculously long!!

Tiffany said...

I love the bangs and wow, you are so brave to cut your own hair. I would go too short or cut some weird angle or who knows what... but yours turned out so well! And I love that you're so confident about it!