Monday, July 18, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Barcelona, Spain

Today's travel journal post is BARCELONA!!!!

Barcelona was extremely busy and crowded. Plus the humidity level went up like crazy compared to Madrid!

The majority of our time in Barcelona was spent looking for a decent meal. Their main items are tapas and it seemed like most restaurants were out of half of the stuff on their menus! LOL We spent days starving and living off of McDonalds french fries (which we swore we wouldn't do!)

Of course, we did a ton on walking. We checked out the Aquarium because we heard it was the best in Europe.

 They had the longest shark tank tunnel and it had a sweet little people mover system and took you through cool!

We also went to the see the Antoni Gaudi building,

the Picasso Museum (can't take photos, but I bought two really cool prints which we carried for the rest of our trip and I  now have nicely framed in my living room) and the HUGE market!!!

My Paddy also got his first Euro tattoo of many! I paid for it as part of his birthday present!!! It is by far the best tattoo he has!!! LOL

On our last day we went to the market and bought some pasta salad before we headed to the train station. We should have tried it before we left the market, as it was the best food we had had since we left Canada!!! Our biggest regret of the trip STILL!!! hahahahaha

Everywhere their was people squating and whatnot dispite the signs. It was worse then Thailand (but didn't smell as bad LOL)

Now...we took the train to Valencia....that's for next time! :)


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shannon*bear said...

Wowee!! The very mention of Barcelona makes me swoon but my word, that sounds like a lot of fun! How many people can say they got a tattoo in Barcelona? Rad!

xo Shannon