Friday, July 5, 2013

Restaurant Review ~ The Lazy Loon

Ok, I didn't eat but I did look at the elderly couples food and it looked amazeballs.
I went purely for a strawberry milkshake. 
I had heard from my friend Karen that they had the best in town.

The Lazy Loon is a new "chip wagon" here in town. (Brockville, Ontario)
It arrived two weekends ago when we had our big Tall Ships Celebration.

One of the owners is from a Pub here in town and he runs a great ship, so it's worth a try in my books!
Here's the menu:

My strawberry milkshake was perfect.
Just that right blend of creamy and thick.
It was even made with real strawberries! :)

They are located in a parking lot off Wall Street.
They have built themselves a little patio/deck area that looks over the river!
Very pretty!
I hope they get some chairs out there...hint hint! 

Basically it's a big trailer filled with great customer service, big meals and strawberry milkshakes to die for.
Next up - I'm tryin' me a Broad Street Bully!

Double fistin' - I'm a class act!


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