Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY ~ Braided Lace Bracelet

I love braided bracelets!
I found these beautiful silver ends and I have had this HUGE spool of lace edging forever.
So....I thought I'd make myself something purdy.

jump rings x2
closing clasp
lace (three pieces)
clenchers with a loop (dont know the real name sorry!)
end beads
safety pin

First cut three equal strands of ribbon/lace.
Twist the top ends together tight and clasp with your pliers and one of those clencher loop thingy's.

Now thread that through your end bead.

On the loops of the clencher piece you pulled through add a jump ring.

Using a safety pin attach it to your jeans and start braiding!

Finish the end by putting a clencher on, threading it through the end bead and adding a jump ring.


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