Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY ~ Maracas Ole!

I have the cutest little 4 some tap number called Shake It that I choreographed for competition.
It's to Gloria Estevan's Conga!
We had these nice brown plastic maracas that we had been using for months, but of course one of the kids dropped and broke it a mere week before the first cometition. {sigh}
Miss Crafty McCrafterson to the rescue!!!
I convinced my friend J to come help me since her daughter is in this group and was a large contributer to the death of the original maracas! Ha!
It took a full week but we did it!
Here is how to make you own snazzy Maracas!

#1: Lay out newspaper and cut strips for your paper mache.

#2: Blow up balloons, tying them with knots, until you have two that are close to the same size.

#3: Make your mache by adding 2 parts water to one part white flour. Mix with hands until it has a slimy texture with not too many lumps.

#4: Start dipping your paper strips and placing them on your balloons until you have two good coats done. Hang somewhere to dry (I hung them off my clothes line)
#5: Once dry, pop the balloons and pull them out. This should just leave you with a round shell with a hole in one end.
#6: Put in your noise makers!!! I used barley beads, but you could use, rice, dried beans, quinoa, etc.

#7: Take a chopstick and place it upright in the hole (one end inside with the barley). While holding it in place tape the hole closed around the chopstick. This is your handle.

#8: Back to the mache! Do another two coats including your handle using lots of extra strips in every direction possible. Let dry.

#9: Paint the maracas as desired! I did a somewhat Mexican theme!
Ta da! You can make your own maracas too! LOL

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