Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY ~ Painted Galaxy Shoes

AS we all know I am on a painted canvas shoe kick!
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I have been seeing this galaxy print everywhere and absolutely love it!
So here is my version of the Galaxy Shoes :)

black canvas shoes
purple, pink, navy, baby blue, royal blue, black and white acrylic paint
foam paint brush
hard bristled paint brush
masking tape
(hint: If you want you can cover the rubber souls with masking tape to prevent any accidents of paint getting on them!)
First put a drop of each paint color onto a piece of tinfoil.
On one of your shoes start to apply white in one area.
Using your foam brush dab it as much as you can.
Add some navy and deep purple around the white, mixing well with the other colors.
(hint: The more you blot with the foam brush the better)
Continue around the white fading it to navy down the side of the shoes.
On the other one do the same but instead of white, start with pink in a different area.
Once completely done let dry.
Take for hard bristled brush when it is dry and dab in some white paint.
Flick the brush bristles above the shoes to get splatter marks that look like small stars.
Using a tiny paint brush and white paint make bigger dots and a couple large stars.
(hint: to fade the stars so they aren't so white, dab your brush in a little water and go over them)
Let dry and there you have it!
Galaxy Shoes :)

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kristine said...

my little cousin is going to FLIP when I send her this (: she's galaxy obsessed