Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY ~ Wide Leg Into Skinny Jeans

I've seen people change wide leg jeans into skinny's all the time and just thought it would be to hard to do.
But I have these jeans I love the fit of around my hips, but they were uber wide leg.
I bought them in Turkey and they were all the rage.
wide leg jeans
sewing machine
skinny jeans (to trace)

First lay your skinny jeans on top of your wide leg ones making sure the crotches match up.
Make sure the outer seams are lined up as well so you are cutting excess off on the inside of the leg.

Cut up the inside of the leg following the skinny's.
Turn inside out and sew up the inside and around the crotch.
Iron your seams flat.

It's just that simple!

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HayleyKiah said...

I'm pretty scared of DIY projects but this actually seems simple enough that I may give it a try. Thanks!