Monday, July 21, 2014

PL Peek ~ Market Newbie

**I was just going through old posts and I found this jem! Wow...can't believe how different my life is now! This is a repost from June 2011**

As you all know, on Saturday I went to the Brockville Farmer's Market for the very first time. I have never sold anything like this before. I mean, I had an art show at a restaurant once, but never a table at a market. was wonderful! I sold a lot of stuff and had really great positive feedback! I ran out of business cards and people were saying they couldn't wait to see what different things I had next week!!!! ;) I sold a really pricey bench I had made, two outdoor pillows, 2 "Talk Nerdy to me" Paintings and 7 Bitchy Bags. Plus, I had some cheapy jewellery I had made and my homemade cards that sold well too!!!

Here are some photos of my first time at the market {I went with my dear friend Maryse who is a costant support and very special friend to me - too good to me}

The weather was amazing and I got an awesome spot right on the corner down by the water!!! Breezy and the first point of contact for the people coming up from their walk down by the river :)

Maryse and I sunned ourselves all day and people watched. It was so great to have a table next to her so there was someone to talk to all day! Plus she totally helped when there was more than one person wanting to buy at my table :)

Of course my Bestest Neighbor Friend and the Kidlets were there taking a boo so they stopped by for a visit. Emma very nicely counted all my money for me and Joel watched the jeep to make sure nothing went wrong.

All in all...a fabulous day - I can't wait for next week!!!!!


**this makes me wanna cry! Love and miss my Ontario friends everyday!!!**

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