Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY ~ Easter Flower Pick Cards

I have a lot of traditions I do with my friends on holidays.
Most of you know that I like to make little treats and secretly deliver them to their houses.
The last one I did was Valentine's Day and I posted about it here.
On Easter I like to give some of my close family type friends a plant.
Like tulips or daffodils.
This year I made these little pick cards to stick in the plants I got from the SPCA as on of their fundraisers!
Plain colored or Easter themed paper
pipe cleaners
First draw out the shape you want and cut them out.
You could also use a punch if you want.
I made mine bunny heads :)

Cut them out.
Write your message on one side.

Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around your finger to make a coil.
Flatten each end so you have something to attach the the paper shape.

Tape one tip of the pipe cleaner to the back of your shape.

Now tape a toothpick to the other end of the pipe cleaner so you have something to poke into the dirt!


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