Friday, March 29, 2013

Disney Vacation Part 2 ~ Magic Kingdom

The very first day I literally laid by the pool and did nothing.
So...not much to report there.
The second day Me, Carol, Katie, Patti, Emma and Wade all went to the Magic Kingdom.
It rained...I mean poured all morning, but it didn't stop us!
We looked around all the shops and booked it to Space Mountain for our first ride!!
Love that one!
Emma, Me and Katie going on our first ride of the day!
 I am wearing shorts, you just can't tell under my poncho! LOL
 Me, Emma & Wade with this White Cat Lady.
I am gonna guess she is from the Aristocrats?
 Me and Carol getting up close and personal on the Rocket Ride!
 We went to tonnes of cool shows and 3D movies!
I think this one was the Stitch one!

I made everyone try on silly hats and let them take pictures of them.
Of course I promised not to post them on facebook....LOL...I didn't say anything about my blog!
We all went on It's a Small World.
I have tonnes of photos and I'm gonna do a whole other post on it :) 
 Goofin' off with Goofy!
We watched the fireworks and light show at night on the castle and even got to see some of the Electric Parade!
Great day!

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