Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY & A Little Love to You

To all the lovebirds in the world, hope you have a wonderful day!
Here's a super cute Fortune Cookie DIY!
You probably have all the things you need just laying around your home.
Felt, paper, hot glue gun, pipe cleaners, candies :)
First trace circles on your felt using a mug as a guide.
I used red, pink and burgundy felt.

Cut a pipe cleaner so you have a piece the size of the width of the circle.
Hot glue gun it onto your circle felt right across the center.

Write up some lovey sayings on small pieces of paper to tuck into each fortune cookie!

I picked cinnamon hearts and smarties to put inside my fortune cookies.

Fold your circle in half and glue the outside rim with all your goodies inside.
 Once your glue is set, bend your little half circles in the center...this creates a fortune cookie!!!

 Hope you all have a LOVELY day!



Megan Colwell said...

SO adorable! I posted to Pinterest

Bex said...

This is so cute!x

Leslie Hernandez said...

Thanks for passing by my blog and leaving a comment :) Now following your lovely blog, I would love to see the red dress you made if it's possible.

Leslie :)

Messy said...

The red dress is posted under my DIY's!!! :)))