Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY ~ Candy Cane Rudolph's

Number Nine..
I might have to extend this past 12 DIY's...the feedback is amazing!!! :)))
Would you guys like it if I continued it?!?
Today we are making
Candy Cane Rudolph's!
candy canes
red pom poms
mini googly eyes
curling ribbon
brown and black pipe cleaners
glitter pipe cleaners
hot glue gun

Start by glueing two googly eyes on side by side.
Now add your pom poms as the nose.
Once those have set, tie somecurling ribbon around the "neck"/
Cut your pipecleaners in half and stick a glittery one and a matte one together.
Wrap around the curve of the candy cane and twist at the top.
Bend the pipecleaners to look like antlers!
That's it!
easy peasy eh??

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