Monday, December 10, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

My family has a really nice condo down in Scottsdale.
When I lived in Calgary I used to go once a year cause flights were sooooo cheap.
Not so much from Ontario. LOL
I use to go down and spend 4 or 5 days with my Grandparents golfing.
I don't particularly love to golf, but it is their favorite hobby and it's kinda fun to just play best ball with my Grannie.
I really miss my trips to Arizona cause rarely do I get to spend alone time with my Grannie & Doc.
When I go back home, I'm with everyone the whole time.
I rarely get one on one time with anyone.
Needless to say, being spoilt by your Grandparents is nice too once in a while! :)

Ahhhh....oh how I miss it!
Maybe next year :)



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