Saturday, December 3, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Sienna, Italy

Good Morning Ya'll! Happy Christmas Month :)
Today with Mr. & Mrs. Travel McTravelson we are going to take you to Sienna, Italy!!! This is one of My Paddy's favorite places and more then anything I wish we had known how amazing it was going to be. We only booked one night here because in our backpacking book there wasn't much info and they made it seem very small and dull. Not the case!!!

We got to Sienna and had to take the bus to the city center to find our hotel. We could not find anyone who spoke English, but this VERY sweet old lady helped us by using charades, pointing and lots of cheek kisses. We got on, paid and got off all in the right spot - so thank you little ol' helped us out! Cheers!
Once we got to the hotel reception, they told us that the hotel is actually a whole bunch of little apartments all over downtown sienna, and we would have to walk to ours on the other side. {sigh} Meanwhile we have dragged our backpack's, souvenir's and food all around. Okey Dokey. We met the owner out front of his apartment building and started u the stairs. I think we counted 105. Both Pat and I thought we might kilter over and was so hot...and so far up!!! But once we got up there and looked out our window...we saw it. This place had the most amazing view in the whole entire world. It was like you could see all of Italy. On one side of the apartment, the sunrise, on the other sunset! Stunning. We spent most of our time drinking coffee and eating explosion cakes int he town center, and also drinking and partying with our "roomies" in our apartment later that night. It was such a fun evening...

I was upset we couldn't extend our stay in Sienna. We walked around and it had everything. The best shopping, the coolest Church, the neatest town center. If you go to Italy, Sienna is a must see. :)



Ashley Marie said...

So jealous!!! I can't wait to get to Italy one day. *le sigh

Jules8 said...

Messy- Lovely post and photos. Thanks for stopping by!