Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY ~ Cabinet Liner

This seems like  a bit of a silly post, but really...
I hadn't done much "cupboard lining" in my lifetime, and a girlfriend suggested this.

You see the cottage cabinets have been lined and re-lined so many times that they were all uneven and I couldn't scrape it all off.
Instead of using normal glue back liner, my Bestest Neighbor Friend suggest I use this puffy stuff that is normally for making rugs non-slip.

It works amazing!!!
It evens out all the crap, and make it do stuff doesn't slip around in there.
Keeps everything so organized!!!! :)
Loves it!

PLUS, it is WAAAAYYYYY easier to install then that finiky liner stuff!

Thanks for the idea Bestest Neighbor Friend!!!! :)



bonbon said...

Oh you'll have to let me know how that holds up for you. I did it ocne but it was always getting folded over/ bunching up and it ended up driving me crazy. I wonder if it was just because I bought the super crappy stuff? Who know?!?!

new follower :)

life_lavender said...

I just moved into my new apartment yesterday and used the same stuff! It's amazinggg.

Gaby de Modacapital said...

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