Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY: Nails ~ Roar!! :)

Look what I did!!! :)

A few weeks ago at dance one of the teens had these super cool nails with a floral print and she told me she had bought a kit for them. I found them at Shopper's and I told myself I would buy them for myself if I grew my nails and stopped biting them. forward 2 weeks and my nails are just long enough to look decent!!!

Here's how you do it...

1. Buy the Sally Hansen Nail kit. (mine was $7.49}

2. File, clean and push back cuticles.
3. Using the white file supplied, buff the top of your nails until matte.
4. Take one of the nail stickers and peel the clear coat off.
5. Place the sticker at the base of your nail and lay down, curving around the corners.
6. Press the end on the edge of your nail to create a crease, then tear the remaining part of the sticker off. {I saved mine and used some upside down on other nails. Then I will get two full sets out of this one package}
7. Using your wooden tool supplied, lightly press down the sticker.

8. Once all nails have stickers, paint a clear coat over top for protection.

Super easy!!! I love mine and can't wait until today when we take all our cute fall photos!!! I also cant wait to share them with you!!!

This is a very exciting week coming up...
I have my cute nails, MY Paddy is in town working this week, we started a major DIY redo on one of our bedrooms and I have loads of fun photos to show you already...even though we just started, I have two guest posts this week and Friday the dance studio is having our Annual Monster Mash Party to raise money for our Competitive Team!!! Gonna be a great week with some super fun posts! Yippee!!!

Happy Sunday!


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