Monday, October 24, 2011

My Weekend In a Nutshell ~ October 21st - 23rd

It has been FOREVA since I have done a "Weekend in a Nutshell" Post. Crazy.

This was a great weekend. We did a ton of stuff, saw lots of friends and got alot accomplished!!!

1. Friday was Chuck Norris' Birthday and we had a lil' shindig for him! All his besties came and we had cupcakes, peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats and caramel apples!!! YUMMERS!!! Chuck scored tonnes of big bones and a super cool Superman costume for Halloween!!! **Thanks Laurelle, Jody, Joe, #5 & Maryse for coming and celebrating with our "kid"!!!**

2. We started a major project!!! Home DIY and I love it - but ya'll are gonna think we are crazy!!! I will post lotsa pics later this week..but here is a teaser for you...

3. Went to go to Gatineau Park in Quebec, and stopped for breakfast in Ottawa. Then stumbled upon the farmers market!!!! YAY!!! We bought veggies and pumpkins to carve this week!

4. We took some family photos in Gatineau Park with the trees and leaves. Chuck barked a lot, I lost my cell phone, and we spend an hour and a half sifting through leaves and didn't find it. Meh.

Great weekend had by all!!!


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Rossie said...

Love the Farmers Market pics!