Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY ~ Fall Harvest Baskets

Hi Everyone!

I was so gloomy this morning when I wrote THIS post, but I managed to peel myself off the couch and make myself do something that will make me happy :)

I decorated for fall and halloween!!!! YAY!!!

Remember in the summer when I made these amazeballs flower baskets for my front railings. Well, today I did a little make over on them!!!

Here is what you need:

~ dried or faux autumn leaves in all colors shapes and sizes. (I used fake ones)
~ pliers
~ scissors
~ berries, pumpkins, scarecrows, etc. to decorate with.

1. First, cut out all dead or dying flowers from summer.

2. Cut all your leave bunches into single sticks so you have a while bunch of different small pieces.

3. Stick all your pieces into the dirt and and make a pretty bouquet!

4. Add in berries, mini pumpkins and other decorative items as final touches.

Ta da!!! Cool hey???

Have fun!


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