Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY ~ Basket Planters

At the start of summer I was searching EVERYWHERE for inexpensive long flower baskets that I could hang on my metal railings by the front door. I saw all the ugly plastic one's (sorry to anyone who has them, but I hate them.), and the clay one's for a catrillion dollars...but I still didn't even like those one's. I had thought about wood one's but they would be so heavy for my 1890's railings....

Then one day I found these baskets!!!

Of course they sat sitting on the back shelf o' things to do for a while...but I finally made them into the baskets I always wanted. And my Momma said I couldn't do it! ha! 

Start with the following supplies:

~ hair elastic {for when hair is in your eyes and you are angry}
~ hand shovel
~ dirt
~ annual flowers in all sorts of pretty colors
~ pressed moss sheet
~ scissors 
~ water

STEP 1: Go to the local garden market and buy all sorts of flowers, dirt and the pressed moss. {I bought a half meter for $1.99}

STEP 2: Once home, unload flowers and bask in their loveliness. :)

STEP 3: Cut pressed moss sheet to the right size to fit in your basket. {This project can be done with all types of baskets!}

STEP 4: Line the basket with the pressed moss.

STEP 5: Place a little dirt in the bottom as a base.

STEP 6: Pick the flowers you would like {I like to pick flowers of all different shapes, sizes and colors. I like to get lots of hangy downy plants so they droop down too...}

STEP 7: Once flowers are in, cover any holes with dirt and press it down so the container is full and packed in.

STEP 8: Give your baskets a little lovin' with some water!!! <3

STEP 9: Using two zip ties for each basket, hang the baskets from your railing. Clip ends of ties.

Enjoy!!!! :)

What are your favorite flowers to plant in the summer?

Ok, now onto today's card!

 I am in a super summery mood today since it is the first day of summer! :) YAY!!!!! I started with pale yellow cardstock as the base and wrapped a piece of hot pink polka dot ribbon around tying it in a bow. I used this cute little windmill stamp I got from Michael's $1.50 bin and stamped it in DewDrop Momento Tuxedo Black Ink. I colored it in with pink and yellow pencil crayons and cut it out. I added the "Hope Your B-Day is a Hit" sentiment and mounted that on light pink cardstock.
Simple and sweet.

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Plus, Canada Post will be up and running again on Monday {so they say} so back to buyin'! haha.


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Velvet Tangerine said...

awesome idea for planters! i have a fake balcony/window box thing made out of metal railing that i would REALLY like to plant flowers on. BUT because it's on the second story of my house there's no way to water it without taking out the window screen!

thanks for stopping by my blog!