Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I don't know what to say.

I really don't.

Nothing new and exciting is happening right now.

The weather has changed and has been pouring for no long puppy walks, no beers at the neighbors, no gardening, no fun had by all.

I have been frantically working my little fingers away while My Paddy has been gone this week. We are getting ready for 2 full days of a HUGE HUGE HUGE craft fair in Stittsville, just outside of Ottawa. It is very hard to get into and is the largest around. We are very excited, but keep hearing that we need to have more and more stock. I ran out of card bases and am waiting for an order of them to come in! I finally got more mini canvas' and have been working on doubling up all of our funny art! Whew! Busy busy!

So...that's it. The highlight of my week was my Fall Harvest Baskets I posted about on Monday... LOL


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