Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Weekend In a Nutshell ~ June 24th - 26th

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Our weather was so rainy this weekend - like the WHOLE weekend! {sheesh}

Here is our Weekend in a Nutshell :)


I made these awesome new headbands and they are on sale in my shop now!!! :)


 We spent the day at our buddy Joe's Birthday BBQ!!! What a blast! We bought him this hilarious tshirt! LOL


I took My Paddy on a surprise Sunday date! :)

We went to the Brockville Hydroplane Regatta on the St. Lawrence River.

They lift the boats in and out of the water with a huge crane!!!!

On the way home it started to pour rain!!!! We had to take cover on the old train display in the park.

Chuck Norris loved the big long walk!

And My Paddy loved the regatta! Too bad it was so rainy!!!

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?


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double crochets said...

hi! Sweet post!! also thanks for your comment on our blog!! :*