Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY ~ Basket Mailbox

Good Morning!!!

How are we all today?
As you all know, I have been trying to give our new home some much needed curb appeal.
It's getting there, and the only thing left is our new screen door. It's painted, just needs to be installed now. :)

Our old screen door had a mail slot in it, so our house doesn't have a mailbox now that the old screen door is gone. 
It hasn't been a problem since Canada Post has been on strike, but I needed to get something up today because mail is back on!!!! {YAY - I will get my stuff from Etsy!!!}

Last week, my bestest neighbor friend and I were at our favoritae little store Connie Stage Right (in Brockville, ON) and I found this amazing basket!!!

It has a flat back with a handle and it is a vintage fisherman's basket that they used for tackle back in the day. 

So, here is how I made it into a mailbox {pretty straight forward really}...

STEP 1. Find any type of basket that has a flat back so it can lay nicely on your home. {Here are some examples}

STEP 2. Take off any leather, metal or parts you don't want painted.

STEP 3. Clean basket really well with a damp cloth.

STEP 4. Spray paint your basket with high gloss paint in any color you would like!

STEP 5. Wait for it to dry. :) Dum de dum...

STEP 6. Get your DH {darling husband} to drill a hole in your homes wall where you would like to hang your mailbox.

STEP 7. Take a medium size screw and screw it through the basket and into the hole in the wall. {I did two screws to make it really secure}

STEP 8. Step back and enjoy your new country vintage mailbox!!!! :) YAY!
Even my mailman said he loved it :)


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Mary Kate said...

What a great idea! It's soo cute!!