Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Etsy!

Just wanted to let all my followers (a-har-har *although 25 is better then what I had when I started so thank you!!!!*) that

It will be mostly filled with pre-loved vintage finds of mine (you gotta purge once in a while so you can buy more), homemade goodies, all my upcycling projects and DIY stuff!!!! It's quite exciting...even my Paddy has gotten into it and has been searching for stuff for me. Loves him. <3

So check out my store HERE.

Here's the new lot at the shop today! :)

Pretty Blueberry Hair Bow

 These three Vintage Vases 
{those peonies are from my garden - aren't they stunning?!?}

I put a leather cuff on my Etsy yesterday as my first tester item and it sold!!!! I will have to make some more tonight!!!! :) 


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