Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Lisbon, Portugal

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My Paddy and I have done a lot of traveling together. It has been glorious. We travel well with one another which is the most important part. Last July we ventured out on the trip of a lifetime, and our longest adventure yet. EUROPE. Before moving across Canada we packed up and went to Europe for 2 full months. It was amazeballs. (That's my word...I use it a lot. Means extra extra extra mucho mucho amazing.)

So, I thought I would take you through our trip - each stop at a time. {It's the modern day version of those dreaded slide shows our parents friends used to put on! LOL} To start off, I will take you to...


 I loved Portugal. I wish we could have spent more time there. It was very difficult to get around, but the weather/people/atmosphere was so cool. It was our first taste of Europe and all the differences it came with. Food, culture, beer...everything was different and I loved it. :)
 There was a beautiful looking beach view in Lisbon, but the sewage smell was unbearable and the beach was littered with garbage. 
We ate the best sea prawns at a Ma & Pop restaurant down the alley I am heading to in the picture above :)
On our last night we went to their Summer Music Festival and saw the most spectacular lights, fireworks and music show ever! It was beautiful! 

After Portugal we headed on our way to Spain... {we couldn't find any hotel vacancies in any other towns in Portugal and we had to leave our hotel that day!!! Crazy eh??? Not a single room to be found...}
See ya in Madrid bitches.... waahaahaa!!!

 "Hold Hands and Take Care of Eachother." {As my Momma says everytime we go travelin'!}

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