Thursday, June 9, 2011

PL Peek ~ Job #1

Here is a little P L (Personal Life) Peek.

Work #1. It sucks.

It could be a good job, but it just isn't.

I am the Office Manager for an office of 1 person. Me.

Mostly I do all the accounting and shipping. I am here alone majority of the time, and it is always freezing, even when it's +30 out.

I will say, even though I work in a dumpy old warehouse down by the river, it still can be quite pretty.
 Chuck is here all day - <3 him!!!

Dead Dawg...

 Dog House

So, I am a bookkeeper/Office Manger/Personal B*tch for a wholesale Company. It is so tedious and brain numbing at times, but I have to do it until I can figure out what I wanna be when I grow up.

 Money and stability are more important at the moment and since we just moved here 8 months ago, we are still getting settled. Although, things are going very well for us here.

I'm also lucky my other job is all fun fun fun!!! That's a whole other post though!


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Velvet Tangerine said...

I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY understand how you feel! When I graduated college I already had work experience as an admin asst., so naturally I took another job in an office. The pay is decent, I get to sit on my ass and play with my blog when I feel like it, but at the same time I think it's draining my soul! Plus, it doesn't help that I am one of two girls in the office (the other is part time) and my bosses are two very very sexist men from Italy who treat me like the company janitor.

We'll figure something better out someday... we just have to!!!