Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY ~ Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

I recently moved into a little cottage on my own and it is so cute!
I don't have a lot of stuff since I haven't had a "home" in over a year and a half. 
I needed a place for my toothbrush and a soap dispenser for the bathroom.
Have you seen the price of those things?!?
Cray cray. 
I decided I was pretty sure I could make something using items I had at home so there was no cost to me.

two Mason Jars
plaster of paris
hot glue gun
color of choice
paint brush
mixing tray
hemp cord
crop-o-dile or metal punch
old soap dispenser

First mix the paint color you want with the Plaster of Paris until it becomes the consistancy of chalk paint. You may want to add a couple dabs of water.
Mix well.

Paint your jars completely - two coats, letting dry thoroughly in between.

Using fine grit sandpaper, lightly scuff the edges and letters on the jars. 
You can rough them up as much or as little as you want.

Using a crop-o-dile or metal punch create a hole in the flat top part of the lid for the mason jar.
Fill one of your jars with the hand soap you would like.
Screw your mason lid back on one of the jars with the flat top that has the hole.

Using your hot glue gun, put a thin glue line around the rim of the dispenser that will attach to the flat part of the mason lid.
Stick the straw portion of the dispenser in the hole and press the dispenser down so the glue holds to the metal.

Wrap the hemp rope around the tops of the jars 3 or 4 times and make a small bow off to the side of the jar writing.

They looks so pretty with my blue and green theme up in thuuurrrr....


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