Monday, February 16, 2015

DIY ~ Planter Pot Upcycle

This is a super fast and easy way to upcycle a pot you may not like anymore!

I got this one from work and it had 3 little suffocating plants in it. 
I seperated them into their own pots, and this guy is doing so good! 

I ahve been looking at the pot it's in for a few weeks now and I didn't like that it had orange on it. 
Makes it look dirty or dated or something. LOL
Anyhoo...this is how I did it.

Old ceramic plant pot
acrylic craft paint
medium and small size paint brushes
clear coat (I used outdoor verathaine)

Wash and dry your pot well.

Paint whatever you would like on the pot.
Mine had maple leaves,so I kept those and just re-painted over the orange.
Paint three coats or until you get the desired coverage you wish.

Once completely dry, clear coat the whole pot with the varathaine. 
That's's just that simple.


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Leyla Brooke said...

I shall give this a go with some of my old pots