Friday, June 7, 2013

DIY ~ Fringe Tank Top

Remember last week when I made this tank top??
Well now I'm gonna show you how to add some wicked fringe!!!

TShirt made into a tank top
sleeve of cut up tshirt
needle and thread

First take your tank top and lay it out flat.
Take the sleeve of the tshirt you made the tank top with and cut down the seam.

Tuck it on the inside of your tank with the straight edge behind the neckline.
Using a washable marker draw you guide line.

Cut a "U" shape from your scrap.

Now sew your "U" shape onto your tank around the neckline.

Start cutting your fringe.
Cut straight lines from the bottom to the top!
Don't get too close to your seam!

Once cut, pull the end of each piece to make the edges curl a little.
Now you have a wicked retro fringe top :)

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