Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY ~ How to Plan an Egg Hunt!

Every year I plan a little egg hunt for my bestie Laurelle's kids.
I love doing it, but it is getting hard to think of new spots every year!
Here is the post from last year.
So, this is how you plan an awesome Easter Egg hunt.
small chocolates or candy
plastic eggs
piece of paper to use as your answers
First start your list.
I usually do 5 clues...4 to find.
The kids are still pretty little.

First clue goes in an envelope that you give them from the Easter Bunny.
You can put a card or whatever in their, just make sure your first clue is int he envelope.
Ideas for clues:
In the recycle bin, road signs, decks, inside a board game.
This year I used the recycle bin, the gate in the backyard, the new front deck, the neighbors front door and the finally prize is behind the TV!
The clue is meant to make them guess.
So, for the neighbors I wrote: "Are Albert and Mary home? Go knock on their front door!"
Write your hiding spots down numbered 1 -4 (or however many stops your doing)
Label your eggs with your numbers starting with 2 (Because clue one is in the envelope).
Put your clue and some treats in each plastic egg and close them.
Now, when you go out, refer to your list.
Place an egg at each spot.
Don't forget to put you big gift as the grand finale final spot! :)

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Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

What an awesome, helpful posting on planning an egg hunt! Thanks!