Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY ~ Shiney Silver Pencil Skirt

I absolutely love how this turned out!
Pencil skirts are so flattering, plus with the shiney fabric you can either dress it up, or dress it down!
Start by measuring your waist and hips.
Whichever is larger, you want to measure your fabric and add 2.5 inches to each side.
So, my hips are 32 I am added 2.5 to each side so my width is 37 inches.
Now measure from your waist to the top of you knee.
Add 2.5 inches to both ends of that length as well.
Once measured lay your fabric pieces out and measure 1inch on each side in, just at the bottom.
Where your hips will end in the skirt (approx 10 inches down from waist) is where you want to start your tapering.
Finish each side at the 1 inch in mark along your bottom edge.
Sew fabric pieces right sides in down both sides.

Fold and iron your hems.
Bottom I did a small 1/2 inch hem folding the raw edge up a 1/2 inch and ironing, then folding over again (so raw edge is hidden).
On the top waist area, fold over a half inch and iron, then fold over 1.5 inch and iron.
This makes a long tube around the waist for your elastic.
When sewing waistband, make sure to leave hole about 1.5 inches open so you can put the elastic through.

Insert your elastic using a safety pin to guide it through.

I love the color, shape, texture - EVERYTHING!
This beauty is for sale in my shop here NOW!



Megan Colwell said...

I learned how to use my sewing machine this weekend! Can't wait to start making my own dresses

Anonymous said...

Im your new follower from the blog hop