Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY ~ Cherry Wristlet!

I love cherry fabric!
It's so perfectly retro!
I only had a small scrap left, so I made this super cute clutch/wristlet!
 First fold a rectangle of fabric in half right sides facing eachother.
Sew all around leaving a hole in the top corner about 2 inches down so you can reverse it.
Reverse and iron flat.

Fold your piece into three sections using your iron to press it firm.
Tow even parts and one small lip/hangover as the top.

Cut a long thin strip of material approximately 4 inches wide..
Fold rights sides facing eachother and sew down the long side.
Leave ends open so you can reverse it right side in.
Press flat to make your wrist holder.
Fold that strip in half and tuck the raw edges into the hole on the side of your main part.
Pin to hold it there.

Sew your sides making sure not to sew your lip down.
Make sure to sew your wrist loop into this seam as well!

Embellish however youwould like!
I added a vintage wood button with some twine and my clasp! :)

For sale in my store now!!!

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