Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hawaiian Adventures ~ The Sugar Cane Train

Ahhh...the Sugar Cane Train.
I heard about this for days from Logan.
All he wanted to do was go on the sugar cane train. Haha.

I didn't go, but my Brother and Sister-in-Law, the two boys and my Dad (Pa) all went.
They were so cute on there, Logan was so excited!
My Mom, Grandparents and I all drove and picked them up on the other end.
Doc and I found this wicked Pawn Shop and I bought Tally a really cool music book.
It's all the Beatles songs for the Ukelele! :)
By the time we got back the boys had arrived and Grannie had been left alone in the gift shop.
This means that Logan got a "willy kwool" Sugar Cane Train toy the made choo choo sounds for the next 4 days.
It was awesome. LOL
We all laughed at how annoying it was. Haha.
You got us good Sugar Cane Train.

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