Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY ~ Boot Toppers

I wear leg warmers pretty much all the time.
I had some fabric left over from a winter skirt I made myself (DIY will be posted soon) and instead of throwing the scrap away, I made myself some super cute boot toppers!
I used a wool/fleece fabric.
Wool on top, fleece on bottom.
First measure the width of your calf at it's largest spot.
 Split that number in half and cut four rectangles with that width.
(you can also just use one piece if you have enough fabric...)
Cut the rectangles your desired length you want your calf warmers.
I only had a small scrap left so mine were not long enough to go right from my knee to ankle.
Sew two rectangles together, right sides facing each other, up both sides...leave the tops open so you have a tube.
Iron your seams flat.
Now on each end of the tube fold over a hem so they have a nice finish.
Do your other warmer and your set!

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Courtney said...

Cute! I'd love to see how they look on. What a fun idea!